Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Middle Earf #16

Yes, yes I know, it has been two weeks. But it turns out my glasses were no good and by noon all I could really do was lie on the couch with my eyes closed because my head hurt so bad I felt like I would get sick. So back they went to get remade and I just picked them up today. We'll see how they do this time around.

In other news, I'm only taking two classes this summer session (instead of my usual three) and it feels like I'm taking four. So much more work than usual. So I'm slogging through that. Week 3 of 10 started yesterday. Crossing my fingers that all will go well.

In the meantime I've managed to get a bit more in on Middle Earf, so here goes.



I will share one last tidbit. The naughty lesli RAK'd me, yet again! This time it was Snow Wizard by Randal Spangler. This guy is only 10 pages total, 6 of them partials, so shouldn't take too too long. Can't wait to get to him... someday....

With that I go back to homework. Forever. Happy stitching for those of you who have more time to enjoy it than me!

Monday, June 3, 2013

"And so it begins."

(insert dramatic Helm's Deep Battle Music here)

I was about to sit down and do my reading for class, which started today, when I remembered I have one more thing to procrastinate with! My blog post!

I have to admit that stitching has no been a priority, mostly because I've rediscovered video games, but also because I got new glasses and I'm still adjusting to them. Those of you who wear glasses know the headaches associated with that precious awesomeness. Still trying to get my contacts just right and I miss my contacts very, very much.

I don't have much news to contribute for the last two weeks, so I'll just show you my stitching and try to wade through my (already) ridiculous amounts of reading. 40 weeks of school until I'm completely done! (Not counting breaks between semesters).