Monday, September 2, 2013

Stitching Bug!

My stitching bug is back in full force and I think you can tell from the progress.



I'm a few hundred stitches short of 3,000 on the page but I full anticipate to get there tonight or tomorrow, at the rate I've been going anyway. And I'm very excited to see the outline of the college appear on this page. Woo hoo! A little tower blowing smoke is going to make its appearance. You can see a bit of the smoke on the page above it.

Besides that, I am SO HAPPY I'm doing one day off a week now. Yesterday was glorious. I started it off by reading a chapter of my book. Then I played Skyrim (until I died and got frustrated). Then I picked up my stitching and went at it. We also had dinner with some friends and all in all it was an awesome, awesome day. At least in the relaxing sense. It kind of felt like just what I needed.

This is going to be a short post so the last thing I'm going to mention is that Handsome Helpful Fiancé was bemoaning the lack of his appearance on this blog and asked if I could post a picture of him. I'll do one better: I'll post TWO.

One is a picture I've posted before:

And here's a new one you haven't seen:

The first was taken in Texas, and the second when we were still in California. Anyway, that's the man I'm gonna marry!