Thursday, July 11, 2019

Parrot 22

New stitching lamp is a huge success! H³ picked a really great lamp! I did have to drive to work at 5:30am on July 4th to grab it (it arrived after I got home on the 3rd and I was not going to drive back in rush hour traffic) just so I could stitch all day, and stitch I did! Lots of good progress in and I think I'll be finishing this row pretty soon!



Still have a fair amount to go but I think I'm making good progress here and will (hopefully) have a finish soon.

This weekend not sure how Saturday will turn out in terms of stitching. I'm running a half marathon. It's a night run starting at 7:30pm in a town about 2 hours away so I won't get home until 1 or 2 in the morning (depending on if we get dinner after). But that means vegging out all of Sunday!

Looking forward to that and until then, Happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Parrot 21


My stitching lamp died a horrific death tonight. The bulb started to flicker a bit so I turned it in an attempt to tighten it. The bulb came away in my hand, connected to the lamp by a single wire while the threads remained in the lamp, rusted into place. So long, stitching lamp, you served me well for 20 years. I used a headlamp to finish off my night of stitching and H³ is actively looking for a replacement lamp that will meet my stitching and spatial needs. I need one with a clamp-on base due to my stitching setup. H³ should be ordering one tonight and I'll get it in a day or two. Until then, no stitching for me!

That being said, the death of Lamp happened right when I reached my 10 hours of stitching, so here goes!



I'm really glad I tried ECC stitching on a smaller scale as I'm quickly learning that although I love the way it looks, it's really not for me. I'm not enjoying moving my hoop AT ALL. It actually infuriates me. So after I'm done with this top row I'm going back to page by page cross country. I enjoy it more and that's what it's all about, right?

Crossing fingers that I get a new stitching lamp soon and until then, happy stitching to everyone!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Flapping Parrot 20

I have to say that my Instagram has really motivated me to stitch as much as possible. That, combined with H³ being very helpful and cutting my thread lengths for me when I run out and I'm at maximum efficiency! With that, here's where I am:



Slowly filling in the gaps and maybe, just MAYBE I can have a row finish soon! I'm enjoying the stitch and have to figure out what I'll rotate to once I'm done with the row.

Happy Stitching!

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Still Life With Parrot 19

I figured out a solution to my lack of stitchy desire - Instagram! Don't get me wrong - I love my blog and I do intend to keep it going. But blogging takes a lot of effort: taking a photo, resizing it, setting up the post, updating all the files where I keep my stitchy photos, etc. Instagram is effortless and I just snap a photo at the end of each night's stitching and post. It takes me MAYBE 30 seconds. And then when I'm not feeling motivated or like I'm not making progress I just look through my old posts and I see the progress easily.

So, I've set up an Instagram page where I update my stitching progress at the end of each night's stitching. I don't stitch every night but I do make an effort and when I do stitch I try to stitch more than 100 stitches in one sitting. I'll still be updating me progress here for every 10 hours of stitching, but if you're on Instagram and interested, feel free to follow me here. The photos are a little more close up but I'll be posting a full photo at the end of every "color" (since I'm now stitching a modified ECC version by row).

That being said, here are the next 10 hours of stitching.



My stitching mojo is now in overdrive (as you might see from the progress). I'm almost done with this color, will probably finish it tonight, and then H³ will have to pick the next color I stitch.

All I want to do is stitching all day, every day, which is a bit of a problem when I have a lot of work to do! But maybe this means I'll clear out some of my stitching backlog. Finish this year? Maybe! I'm hoping to finish H³'s Secret Stitching project by Christmas. I can't post photos since he reads this blog and follows the Instagram but once it's complete and in his hands I'll be sure to post a photo in all its glory.

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Still Life with Parrot 18

Apparently I haven't posted since November of last year. I've lost my stitchy bug a bit and I've been knitting a lot more but crafting just hasn't really called to me lately. That being said, I did manage to stitch another 10 hours on Flapping Parrot.



I'm really starting to gravitate to the one-at-a-time extreme-cross-country stitching method but I know I have a lot of WIPS on the go right now. I want to say that I'll finish them all up before I start something new but I won't because I don't want to out myself as a liar.

I definitely need to stitch more, though. My life has taken an extra stressful turn as of late and I need to find ways to keep myself relaxed and unwind. I tend to throw myself into work which is just too easy to do. There's always more work to do and I'm good at it so everyone takes opportunity to load as much on me as possible. I haven't been working any overtime lately, though, which has helped but life still has its way of stressing me out. So stitching needs to be a thing.

H³ and I go to visit my in-laws fairly often and they live up in beautiful Marin. I used to lug all my stitching stuff over there but then I'd forget things like the chart, a hoop, threads, etc. So now I have a dedicated "Marin" pattern I'm working on and no more carrying things back and forth and forgetting. I'm not posting progress photos of that project, though I will post a completed photo once I'm there.

Apologies for the big gaps in posting. C'est la vie.

Happy stitching!

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wizard's Implements - 002

I may not be blogging as much but I'm still stitching. I had a lot of obligation knitting and I still have some obligation stitching to do but the due date for the stitching is in March so I have a bit of time. Between that, work, and writing (I'm on fictionpress!) it's been extremely busy. Plus normal life stuff. I bought a new car. I have a new nephew. Work is insanely busy. Life goes on.

But I have 10 more hours stitched on the Wizard's Implements!



The spiral stitching method H³ has devised has made stitching all black more interesting and it's a good travel piece, too, because I just have to pack black instead of all the colors. Makes it easy.

Once my obligation stitching and knitting is done I hope to have more stitching updates. November and December are our busiest seasons at work, though, so it's usually a madhouse (case in point, yesterday was the day after Thanksgiving and I received 200 e-mails).

Happy stitching, everyone. I hope whatever holidays you celebrate are safe and free from stress and strife.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Wizard's Implements - 001

10 hours of stitching on The Wizard's Implements is complete and I have some progress to share but it feels pitiful:

The whole chart has a total of 216,825 stitches. Of those, 105,413 are black. That's 48.61% of the chart. By the time I finish stitching the first color, I will be almost halfway done with the chart.

I'm going to be stitching black for quite a while. H³ has asked me to stitch in his "spiral" method, working inwards. So that's what you see above for page 1. Slow and steady progress!

Also, I didn't realize this since I got the kit as a gift, but this is 28-count fabric. It's an interesting switch from 25-count but it's definitely smaller. I think I prefer my 25-count but I'll stick with this until the end.

Since I'm very behind on my Legendary Creatures Alphabet SAL I'm going to do the next letter now for May.

On the iPad front I bought the iPad and I got the GoodReader app and I love it! It's working out very well for me and I'm quite satisfied with my purchase.

Happy Stitching!