Sunday, June 12, 2016

Medieval Shelf 7

Here is a renewed attempt at posting stitching progress per 10 hours of stitching. Once a week just didn't work for me (as we can obviously tell) just because some weeks are better than others when it comes to stitching progress. But maybe 10 hours will work this time. Maybe. We'll see. Now that I'm not crazed to try to finish something (like College) within a given amount of time maybe it will be easier to keep on top of? Maybe. We'll see. Either way here's my 10 hour before and after of Medieval Shelf:

I always feel like I never get anything done in the time I stitch and then I look at the comparison photos and actually, quite a bit gets done. Amazing. Either way I likely won't make it in time for the June 15th deadline and I've rather come to terms with that.

H³ takes the beast to the dog park 3-5 times a week so she can get her zooms out, as we call them. She's still pretty energetic despite having slowed down and it's great exercise for her. Then she sleeps all day. So mutually beneficial for all parties involved. She could use the extra socialization, too. Win win. But lately she has come to expect it. So around 9:30, when H³ usually takes her, she starts to stare at him. Follow him around. Whine. And she doesn't stop. It's the saddest thing ever. 

I feel like we adopted a furry toddler.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Medieval Shelf 6

How did I manage to skip all of May? Part of it is, I think, working a lot of overtime. The last week of May I had a due diligence assignment and was working roughly from 8:30am-11pm every day. Then I turned in my findings and H³ and I went on vacation to Chicago for a week, which was a good time. No stitching, though, as we didn't check any bags and I didn't want my stitching tools to get confiscated by TSA. Besides, I wouldn't have had time to stitch as we were so busy visiting museums, eating deep dish, browsing book stores, and generally relaxing.

Back at it, now, though. The HAED second challenge ends June 15th and I don't think I'll make it, but it's not stopping me from trying. I might skip the next challenge, despite not knowing what it is yet, to get some stitches in on other projects. But we'll see how I feel when I get there. For now, here's my draglet progress so far.



I think it looks pretty good so far. The little dragon is really coming into focus and looking more adorable.

Here are a couple of photos of the Chicago skyline from our vacation:

And, of course, a photo of the furbaby, who just turned 11 months. She has calmed down substantially, is far more obedient than she used to be, and is even starting to warm up to strangers we meet on our walks, though children are still strange and suspicious beings she wants nothing to do with (and I don't blame her). Here she is in a desperate attempt to get to whatever it was I was eating:

Happy stitching, everyone!

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Another HAED Challenge

The challenge this time around is not much of a challenge for me since it's the way I always stitch anyway. One full page, one color at a time via cross country stitching.



As you can see, H³ picked a page with a dragon on it, so it's super fun to stitch and see him appear.

Not much besides that, except I got a promotion and a big raise! I found out at the beginning of April, but they didn't announce it until yesterday. So I'm no longer a Corporate Practice Assistant but am now a Corporate Paralegal. Moving up in the world.

Have a great weekend everyone and happy stitching!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Flapping Parrot page 4 finished!

It may not be a project finish (it will be a while before I get another one of those). Page 4 of the Flapping Parrot is done!



I think it looks amazing, if I do say so myself!

Also, I finally got College of Magical Knowledge framed, and it was worth every penny:

H³ chose the frame, the framer chose the mat, and I chose the thickness of the mat. There's museum glass installed but since we have windows on the facing wall so I had to angle the photo a bit.

Besides that life is good. I have a review at work on Monday which could either go very well or quite poorly. We'll see.

Other than that, our dog is crazy, I've been working a lot of hours, and H³ is as Handsome and Helpful as ever!

So I leave you with this last photo of Xena helping me work from home two nights ago:

Happy stitching!

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Medieval Shelf #4

Heaven and Earth Designs has put into place a set of challenges for 2016, and I have decided to participate. I have a very specific way I like to stitch so I dedicated Randal Spangler's "Medieval Shelf" to completing the challenges, since I have started it but haven't stitched much on it.

The first challenge was to stitch 10 10x10 squares in a diagonal pattern. You can stitch in any direction you want, but the squares have to be touching each other on the corners.



This wasn't really my style of stitching, but it's kind of fun to see sneak peeks of the pattern coming out. Some curtain, some books, a sash, the trophy cup with cookies in it. I'm putting this away for now but it will come out again at the time of the next challenge. Props to H³ for helping me pick which square to stitch next.

My stitching has been all over the place since I finished College. I've been incorporating a lot of knitting and crocheting projects I've been ignoring as well. The other stitching project I've been working on is the flapping parrot, but I'm so close to a page finish on that I'll just post when that's done.

Other than that it has just been my regular life of work and running after the dog. She's a bit of a menace. But she is still a puppy (about 8 months old now) so that's to be expected. Calming down every day and whenever I go to the dog park and see how crazy the other puppies are I'm pretty happy that her energy levels aren't quite that high.

So, with that, happy stitching, everyone!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

College of Magical Knowledge - FINISHED!

Finally! Last night, just before midnight, I put the last stitch into College and stitched my initials and the date. A five-year labor of love (with other projects in between) finally finished.

Here it is when I first started this blog:

Here it is last time I posted:

And now:

I can't really believe it's done. But it's done! Now I will wash it, iron it, and frame it. I can't help but stare at it for extended periods of time. Is it perfect? No. But I am really, really proud of myself.

151,200 stitches. 5 years. On to the next.

Thank you all for being part of my journey in finishing College of Magical Knowledge.

Edited to add: I couldn't have done this without H³.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

College 85, or, 3,658 stitches left

I didn't finish by Christmas and I didn't finish by the end of the year. But I've stopped stressing out avout it and am going to finish, wash it, get it framed, and still give it as a gift to my parents without the added stress.

So let's see where I was with this project at the beginning of the year, last time, and now.

Start of 2015:

last time:

And now, after another 10 hours of stitching, roughly:

Almost there!

Basically, I didn't make any of my goals for the year. And I don't care! 2015 was an absolutely CRAZY year! I got to meet Michael Fassbender (my favorite!) and Kate Winslet and my butt made it into the Steve Jobs movie, after which I got to work some more gigs until I got a corporate job I actually really like. Then H³ started grad school and we got a dog! All in all, a wonderful year, despite the lack of stitching finish.

With that I leave this year off with a picture of our little beastie, being a super snuggler.

Happy New Year! and Happy Stitching in 2016!