Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So I'm still catching up on blog posts from when I was frolicking midst glaciers, but I logged in to do this post and noticed on Sharine's Blog, and then on many subsequent blogs, talk about a WIPocalypse. Intrigued, I investigated and went to Measi's Musings. I suggest you check it out as it sounds like fun!

2012 WIPocalypse Goals, so far:
1. College of Magical Knowledge
2. Mario
3. Dark Queen
4. Medieval Shelf
5. Riding the Wave

I'll  keep it down to a still impossible 5. HA! I guess I  have to stay unemployed. Don't tell my parents.

Unemployment is a funny thing. It was my choice to quit my job, of course, and I don't regret it one bit, but I thought I would have a lot of free time. Instead I'm running errands and cleaning and doing so much, just surprising myself with how much stuff I still have to do. Oh well. I made time today to work on "Riding the Wave." For some reason I seem hell-bent on finishing this project as soon as possible. Also, I'm not enjoying it. I usually don't make a lot of mistakes when I stitch. But there's something about this project that drives me up the wall.

If any of you have read Julie's and Yes Dear's Ravings (and I recommend you do as it's a good read), she has a similar project that drives her insane. Jesus. No, literally, it's a Jesus cross stitch. Julie, if you're reading this, I UNDERSTAND. There's nothing inherently wrong with the project itself. The charting isn't confusing and it's not a difficult project. It's just driving me insane with how much I have to frog.



Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Start

There's a good reason for this one, though. I just moved back in with my parents (temporarily). I haven't lived here for 7 years now, so it's going to take some getting used to. As it stands, however, everything is packed up in boxes and I have no idea where anything is. I did have a project set aside here, however, for when I came to visit so I didn't have to lug everything around every trip.

Apparently now, though, it's the only project I can find and reasonably work on. So, until I unearth my box of cross stitch projects (probably, hopefully, tomorrow), I started working on a project my sister got when she wanted to try cross stitching. Then she decided it wasn't for her so I was "asked" (read: it was thrust upon me) to complete the project for her. It's a Dimensions kit called "Riding the Wave" and it basically involves ocean waves crashing down in the shape of horses, since my sister loves horses.

Without further ado, here's the beginning photo:

It's a fairly quick stitch, which is not what I'm used to after stitching HAED, but there it is.

On another note, I think I'm going to give gridding a try. I feel like it will be less frustrating for me in the long run. At this point, however, I'm trying to figure out the best way. My first attempt will be with fishing line. Gridding pens frighten me a little. But if anyone has any helpful tips about their own gridding experiences, please let me know!

Until then, happy stitching!

Monday, August 22, 2011


So, I'm back from the land of ice, which turned out to be one of the most stunningly beautiful experiences of my life. I'm including a few pictures at the end of this post.

Now I'm back in California and packing to move. I, unfortunately, did not finish page 3 of College before leaving, but I'm almost there so hopefully soon.

I also need to catch up on all of your blogs that I've missed the past two weeks! As gorgeous and amazing as Iceland was, I found myself missing stitchery and the whole community. Glad to have gone, would do it again in an instant, but for now, I'm glad to be back.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Giveaway and Garlic Festival

First of all, I wanted to tell you all about the giveaway that Julie and Yes Dear are having. You can check it out here, and I encourage you to visit her blog as it's a great read!

We went to the garlic festival in Gilroy yesterday. It was a bit of a drive, and the admission was expensive. The food was also pricey. But it was a good experience, particularly if you enjoy garlic. We had garlic sausage, garlic adobo bowl, garlic mussels and garlic ice cream. Garlic ice cream is, actually, kind of delicious. Boyfriend had pistachio and I had pecan praline. We drove back through San Francisco where I took this:

I hope to be able to finish page 3 of College of Magical Knowledge before Iceland (fly out early in the morning of August 7th) so hopefully, my next update will be a page finish!