Sunday, June 12, 2016

Medieval Shelf 7

Here is a renewed attempt at posting stitching progress per 10 hours of stitching. Once a week just didn't work for me (as we can obviously tell) just because some weeks are better than others when it comes to stitching progress. But maybe 10 hours will work this time. Maybe. We'll see. Now that I'm not crazed to try to finish something (like College) within a given amount of time maybe it will be easier to keep on top of? Maybe. We'll see. Either way here's my 10 hour before and after of Medieval Shelf:

I always feel like I never get anything done in the time I stitch and then I look at the comparison photos and actually, quite a bit gets done. Amazing. Either way I likely won't make it in time for the June 15th deadline and I've rather come to terms with that.

H³ takes the beast to the dog park 3-5 times a week so she can get her zooms out, as we call them. She's still pretty energetic despite having slowed down and it's great exercise for her. Then she sleeps all day. So mutually beneficial for all parties involved. She could use the extra socialization, too. Win win. But lately she has come to expect it. So around 9:30, when H³ usually takes her, she starts to stare at him. Follow him around. Whine. And she doesn't stop. It's the saddest thing ever. 

I feel like we adopted a furry toddler.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Medieval Shelf 6

How did I manage to skip all of May? Part of it is, I think, working a lot of overtime. The last week of May I had a due diligence assignment and was working roughly from 8:30am-11pm every day. Then I turned in my findings and H³ and I went on vacation to Chicago for a week, which was a good time. No stitching, though, as we didn't check any bags and I didn't want my stitching tools to get confiscated by TSA. Besides, I wouldn't have had time to stitch as we were so busy visiting museums, eating deep dish, browsing book stores, and generally relaxing.

Back at it, now, though. The HAED second challenge ends June 15th and I don't think I'll make it, but it's not stopping me from trying. I might skip the next challenge, despite not knowing what it is yet, to get some stitches in on other projects. But we'll see how I feel when I get there. For now, here's my draglet progress so far.



I think it looks pretty good so far. The little dragon is really coming into focus and looking more adorable.

Here are a couple of photos of the Chicago skyline from our vacation:

And, of course, a photo of the furbaby, who just turned 11 months. She has calmed down substantially, is far more obedient than she used to be, and is even starting to warm up to strangers we meet on our walks, though children are still strange and suspicious beings she wants nothing to do with (and I don't blame her). Here she is in a desperate attempt to get to whatever it was I was eating:

Happy stitching, everyone!