Page of Glory


 "College of Magical Knowledge" by James Christensen from Heaven and Earth Designs

"St Valentine Passerolli" by Alessandra Adelaide

"Spring Meeting" by Alessandra Adelaide

"Tiny Rose Garden Mandala" freebie by Chatelaine Designs

"Albero Innamorato" by Alessandra Adelaide

"Kathy's Violets" freebie by Chatelaine Designs

"Magnificent Wizard" from Dimension, art by Myles Pinkney

"The Guardian" by Teresa Wentzler

Title Unknown

Title Unknown

"Tree Frog Trio" by Dimensions

Title Unknown


Sloane131313 said...

Lovely work, Ewa! Just sent you an email:) -Roxanne

Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

Love seeing all your finished works. The frog project is one I just completed and it is called Tree Frog Trio and is published by Dimensions. Great work on all your projects, I'll be following to see you WIPs grow.