Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Blog Hop!

Posting this a little early for everyone abroad!

Letter "O"

Happy Halloween to everyone who celebrates it. Stay safe out there and have a blast! I'll be sure to post a full blog post update soon - promise! I've had good reason to stay away for a bit - a preview of it is when I got my laptop back from repair it was completely empty. They wiped the whole thing. It didn't even have drivers on it. So the last few weeks have been an adventure. Yay!...

Saturday, October 5, 2013

College page 13, 2249 stitches to go!

Of course, the moment I get my stitchy bug back everything hits the fan.

First, in mid-September I flew to California for 5 days. It wasn't exactly a relaxing trip. I landed Thursday morning in California and immediately had to start driving around. In a period of 5 days I had an optical appointment, a dentist appointment, met two different friends for dinner on two different nights, saw my venue for the first time, did my cake tasting and finalized the wedding cake decorations and cake flavors (four tiers and two flavors: almond cake with tiramisu filling and chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse filling), had dinner with the in-laws, finalized bridesmaids dresses, went clothes shopping, and was in a wedding (which took two days, so everything else was done over the course of three days). For anyone familiar with California geography I spent time in Oakland, Davis, San Jose, Larkspur, Santa Clara, Auburn, Grass Valley, and San Rafael (kind of in that order with some driving back and forth). Suffice it to say I was exhausted upon my return.

But it didn't stop there! Then some people at work went on vacation so I worked nonstop, then had some papers due at school, and then (of course) some hardware in my new laptop started malfunctioning and I had to send it in for repairs before the warranty ran out. So now I'm laptop-less (using my desktop right now) because my old laptop wouldn't work, I've got a ton of schoolwork, AND yesterday marked one year to go to the wedding.


Despite all this, I did manage some stitching, I just haven't managed to post about it until I deliberately set aside a bit of time to do it today. I've got 2,249 stitches to go on this page, and I'm pretty happy with my progress despite hoping to have been done with the page by now.



Monday morning I fly to Dallas for my first dress fitting. It's way early because the designer messed up on my dress order and ended up sending it 8 months too early. Since the bridal salon will only hold the dress in-store for two months I had to set up my first fitting right now and just have a lot of time between fittings in order to keep the dress in Dallas a little bit longer before my mom flies it back to California for the wedding after the last fitting.

Suffice it to say I feel like I'm running on empty. The good news is, some of you know that I've been in a pretty bad funk for many, many months now. That is somehow easing. I hope it's more of a permanent ease as opposed to temporary relief, but I guess only time will tell.

In other stitchy news, I did succumb to the stash gods and bought this:

I'm so bad. And I'm completely okay with that.

Handsome Helpful Fiancé has been a real sweetheart since I've been so exhausted and since it's starting to get cold (well, colder, anyway) I've been getting swaddled in fleece blankets and receiving tea deliveries. We're hoping to get our engagement photos done in November, so I may end up posting some of those.

Until then, I hope you guys are having a wonderful stitchy time!