Sunday, May 1, 2011

College, Page 2!

Happy May!

I'm going to be quite honest. I cannot BELIEVE that I finished page 2. Now that I look back to where I was, it was a rather ambitious endeavor. But, I did it!



Comparing the two, I really can't believe it. BUT, it's done! I need to take a break from College now, however, and work on Mario lest the confetti exhausts me.

May Goals:
Mario - 2 pages
College - 1 page

We'll see how I do... but I'm not optimistic.

Until next week, happy stitching!


anojaa said...

Congratulations on your finish Ewa! It looks so beautiful. You deserve some non-confetti stitching. I'm sure your goals won't be difficult to reach!

Bev said...

congrats on the page finish!! i love Mystic Mermaid in your sidebar, who stitched that? I have a thing for mermaids lol

Lonneke said...

Well done! Congrats on your page finish!

Ewa said...

Thank you anojaa and Lonneke!

And thank you too, Bev. The Mystic Mermaid is an HAED pattern by Jessica Galbreth. I haven't stitched her yet, but am getting ready to. I just want to get a little bit more progress on Mario and College before starting something new. We'll see how long I can resist...

CathE said...

Great work, you're doing some lovely pieces there.

Ewa said...

Thanks so much, CathE! Kind comments are the best kind of motivation :)

demeter83 said...

Wow, you have so many gorgeous charts on the go, I can't wait to see your progress on all of them, you're obviously a Spangler fan, I love that!
College of Magical Knowledge is looking brilliant, I've only just had my first ever page finish on a HAED so I'm really excited about that at the moment.
I love that Mario design, where did you get the chart from?

Ewa said...

Thank you, demeter! I think I'm going to do a weekly stitch rotation until I get them all started but yes, I'm certainly a Spangler fan! I also like Jessica Galbreth, Jonathon Bowser and Stephanie Pui Mun Law. (You'll see some of Bowser's and Law's work popping up in my queue in the future).

College of Magical Knowledge is the farthest I've ever gotten in an HAED, so I share in your excitement! There's a level of achievement you feel when you complete a page, but the rest of the pattern seems so daunting.

The Mario design I actually got from a site (which is sadly no longer in service) called They had a cross stitch pattern generator up where you could load in a picture and it would spit out a pattern. I was going to make Mario for my then-boyfriend. He broke up with me around page 3, however, so now I'm going to give it to my sister.

Wow this is a really long comment-response. Sorry about its length, but thanks for your comment :)

Mrs Dibble said...

Don't you just love it....when you stitch and stitch and then stand back and are able to actually recognise something in the stitches.

Ewa said...

I do! My absolute favorite, though, is putting that last stitch in. Somehow, even though every single stitch in a given page except one can be put in, the picture just doesn't quite make sense without that one last stitch. <3!!!