Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Second to Last Post

At least before moving to Texas. We found out last night that we got the house for temporary living in June/July until our apartment is ready July 14. Yay! The problem? We have to leave California June 8th to be in Texas by June 10th. We also have to miss the wedding we were really looking forward to going to. I'm actually really bummed about that :(

Also, I'm slowly slowly catching up on reading blogs. So if you see me pop up and comment on a post from early May, sorry! But I'm really trying to give every post the attention it deserves so there it is. I'm sure three days in a car won't help.

Didn't get much stitching done at all. My mind has been elsewhere. But here goes.



College of Magical Knowledge by James Christensen from Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitching on 25 count antique white evenweave
1 thread over 1 with DMC

My next (and last) post before I leave will be for the WIPocalypse. Hopefully by then I can finish Tiny Rose Garden. Speaking of which, time to stitch furiously!

Happy stitching, everyone!


sharine said...

It all sounds so exciting.Good Luck!!!

mdgtjulie said...

Looking good Ewa. I'm sorry you're going to miss the wedding, but you have to be there before they leave, soooooooo... Hope the moves goes well, and you like the house you'll be temping in. Best of luck with the packing!!

Stitching Noni said...

Good news about your accommodation being sorted out. What a shame about the wedding. So disappointing for you. Take care and travel safe. We will see you again soon!

Veronica said...

Bummer about the wedding. Three days in a car? Road trip! ^.^ Hope your move goes smoothly.


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to read that you will miss the wedding =(

3 days in a car is a lot, I think I would get crazy... I hope time will pass quickly for you ;-)

Fingers crossed that you will be able to finish Tiny Rose in time so you can still make it into a pillow!

College looks wonderful =)

demeter83 said...

Pretty, I see detail appearing!

Anonymous said...


Congratulations on finding somewhere to live.

Your HAED is looking great.
Hope your move goes smoothly.

Anonymous said...

I love the way that looks! Good luck on the move. I hope its an easy transition!

Melinda said...

Things are moving along quickly, I hope you will be able to sight see a little along the way.

Your HAED is so amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Here's to a safe and easy (as easy goes) trip. Looking forward to your next update

Heli said...

It's wonderful to hear that the house thing worked out, even though you have to miss a wedding to get there on time.

I think it would have been pretty strange if you had been able to concentrate 100% on stitching lately, with such a big change taking place in your life so soon. I know I would be thrilled, scared, excited, happy and a little sad if it was happening to me! With all the feelings and preparations, it's great to see that you have still managed to get some stitching done too. :)

Linda said...

Your HAED is looking great Ewa. Have and a safe trip. Will look forward to hearing from you when you get settled in Texas.


nikkin said...

College looks so great! I hope you get some nice relaxing stitchy time in before the craziness starts! Keeping my fingers crossed and sending happy thoughts for a good trip and easy move.


Kaisievic said...

Good luck with your move to Texas - a brand new life - fantastic!

Anne said...

Yay!! You got the place! I'm so happy for you both! Have fun on the car ride and don't worry about commenting, I'm horrifically behind too! Love the progress and can't wait to hear about your adventure!!!

Mangogirl said...

looking wonderful :D I know what you mean about timing! I have no time and we only just got internet at home!