Tuesday, February 26, 2013

College #50

I hate coming up with titles for these posts but I hate the "(untitled)" even more. Maybe I should just start numbering them as above. So this is post #50 for College. Wow I stitch slow.



I meant to post this last night but I realized that all the progress photos I had taken were blurry and sucked so there it is.

A few days ago I got a surprise in the mail from Lesli of The Fabulous Frogger. She's always coming up with some sort of mischief and this was no exception:

Some lovely hand-dyed fabby, an Alessandra Adelaide design, and a Lizzie Kate Design! I need to go to my LNS and find some pretty variegated silk that will match the fabby to stitch the AA design on. It might have to be after my VACATION, though. Handsome Helpful Charming Valiant Boyfriend and I are finally going on a trip home to California for a little bit so stitching updates may be sparse for the next two weeks or so. I'll try to update once more before we leave but no promises since I haven't stitched at all since Sunday night and today doesn't look promising for stitches, either - but we'll see. I might take a small project with me so that may get a bit of love and I'll try to post that when I return if that happens. In the meantime I will be stuffing myself full of sushi and pho and enjoying the company of people who don't expect me to wear skirts down to my ankles and button my sweater up to the neck.

Happy stitching!


Claire said...

Great progress.I find it hard to think of titles too.x

sharine said...

It is looking great and I hear you on the titles. Have fun in California!

lesli said...

College is looking fantabulous! Won't it feel grand to have that row done!?

We expect pics from your vacation when you get back! :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Whatever the title of your blogs you always make me laugh. You're such a crack up Ewa. Loving College not long now for 2 full rows, pretty cool!

Great fabby, looks like it will be fun to stitch on.

xoxo Alicia

Pull the other thread said...

College looks great. Have a wonderful time on your vacation.

Keebles said...

I know exactly what you mean! How many times can you post "update"? But great progress! I am really excited to see this finished!

♥ Nia said...

Nice progress :)

Linda said...

College is looking so good Ewa. You made great progress on it. Love your new stitchy gifts. Have a great time in California.


Emma Louise Brown said...

I love your stitching, I've awarded you the Liebster award. Information is on my blog :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress! I like the idea of numbering the posts.

My obsession is using the same format each time - eg Jan TUSAL, Feb TUSAL not My TUSAL for Feb or something random. Like anyone except me even notices!

I do have to ask, is it very cold where you are or do you live with the Amish? The covering up thing?

Anonymous said...

I really love your progress =)

The fabbi you got looks so lovely =)
Enjoy your trip =) I'll be on holiday in two weeks time and can't wait =)