Monday, June 3, 2013

"And so it begins."

(insert dramatic Helm's Deep Battle Music here)

I was about to sit down and do my reading for class, which started today, when I remembered I have one more thing to procrastinate with! My blog post!

I have to admit that stitching has no been a priority, mostly because I've rediscovered video games, but also because I got new glasses and I'm still adjusting to them. Those of you who wear glasses know the headaches associated with that precious awesomeness. Still trying to get my contacts just right and I miss my contacts very, very much.

I don't have much news to contribute for the last two weeks, so I'll just show you my stitching and try to wade through my (already) ridiculous amounts of reading. 40 weeks of school until I'm completely done! (Not counting breaks between semesters).




sharine said...

Great progress:)

Linda said...

You made some great progress Ewa.


Deb said...

Beautiful! Every stitch is a stitch towards a finish.

cucki said...

So beautiful x

Xeihua (Sara) said...

You've done some great progress :) Hope you adjust to the new glasses fast... and I so understand you with the videogames.... I'm exactely the same :)

TammyK said...

Great progress Ewa. I understand the video games. I'd have so much more stitching done if the Candy Crush app hadn't been invented :-)

Kaisievic said...

Great progress, I haven't been by for a while so I hadn't seen how far along you are. Mine has stalled I am afraid.