Monday, August 26, 2013

The Return of College

The new school semester started on Wednesday but I've been pretty diligent about making sure I have some stitching time. As a result I somehow managed about 1,100 stitches. I'm also really proud of myself for posting according to my previous schedule. Go me! The first week of school is usually pretty tough to catch up on because it's a short week. But I'm doing my best and then I hope to do what I used to do as an undergrad: set aside one day a week just for myself. No homework, no work, no worries, just stitching (wishful thinking, anyone?). But I'm hoping to make those days Sundays. That would definitely help contribute to my sanity and general happiness, along with my trying to finally finish College. Not that I'm not enjoying it, I'm loving it, but I'm ready to finish it and start something new.



I know, it doesn't really look like 1,100 stitches. But it is, really! I'm hoping to stick with College for a while and get as much of it done as I possibly can.

I've also been REALLY into video games lately and just purchased the Kingdom Hearts game for 3DS and Epic Mickey 2 for XBOX (Keebles, if you're reading this, your posts convinced me to get it). Not sure when I'll have time to actually play them, but I'm hopeful. My list of video games to play and beat is almost as long as my stash list!

Time to get ready for work now. Hopefully I'll get to put in a good amount of stitches tonight. I haven't even really started working on one of my classes so maybe I should get on that, too. Sigh.

Happy stitching, everyone!


Linda said...

I so love this piece Ewa. I'm happy to see you working on it again. Good luck with school.


Anonymous said...

Woohoo, go Ewa! =) I hope your plan of taking one day of will work with your school, I thinks it's a great idea =) Learning gets much easier if you relax from time to time ;-) College looks amazing, I'm looking forward to see your next update on this one =)

cucki said...

Aww looking so sweet..
Hugs x

Annie said...

It's so nice to see this one again! Anyone who has ever done a HAED knows about confetti stitches, and how 1,000 stitches can look more like 100. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this.

Topcho said...

It looks great! I hope I will be able to find some spare time for stitching once my semester starts too.

Lonneke said...

Great progress!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great idea to have one day a week to yourself. You're over half way with College now so it's a countdown to the finish!!

The Crafty Princess said...

Gorgeous Ewa, it's great to see College again. Excellent idea to give yourself a "Me" day, it will make the "non Me" days so much easier.

Good luck with it all!
Alicia xo