Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vacation, part 1

Well, no stitching update to share so if you're not interested in reading about me and stuff I do then skip this. I won't be offended. I'm about 60 stitches away from a page finish on College, though, so an update of that should happen shortly after my return. But for now, I'm on VACATION!

Also, some of you were wondering where the haunted house pattern I stitched for the Halloween blog hop was from. It was a little freebie from this website. I didn't stitch the whole thing but the whole thing is rather cute.

Handsome Helpful Fiancé and I are on vacation. Finally! Saturday morning we rented a car and drove six hours to Dallas. After checking into our hotel we walked around the area a bit, visited the JFK assassination site, and grabbed some dinner. Soon, however, it was time to go to the show, which was the reason we went to Dallas in the first place.

Uhh Yeah Dude (UYD) is a comedy podcast run by Seth Romatelli and Jonathon Larroquette. They've been doing it since 2006 and have live shows fairly often. November 2, they came to Dallas. So we packed ourselves into our rental car and drove to the Texas Theater. The show was awesome. Absolutely hilarious and a great time. If you're interested in hearing what I heard that night, it'll be episode 395 of Uhh Yeah Dude on iTunes or wherever you get podcasts from. It hasn't been uploaded yet but so worth it once it is.

After the show the guys did a meet and greet, which I had been talking about for a long time and had been super excited to meet Seth. HHF and I are waiting there, he's obviously tired, and I'm chickening out. I keep telling him we should just go home, we won't get to meet him anyway, blablabla. Well finally the moment comes. The guys come out of backstage and we see Seth talking to some people. And then he finishes talking to them and there's no one around him and HHF says I should go talk to him. And I don't. Instead, I chicken out.

So what does HHF do? He puts his hand on my back and, literally, pushes me right into Seth Romatelli. Seth stares at me like, who is this crazy lady? I stare at him thinking, I bet he thinks I'm a crazy lady. When my brain starts working again, I mention that HHF has pushed me encouragingly to talk to him. We introduce ourselves and start chit chatting, which was awesome. He was really nice. Not a very long conversation since there were a ton of people there but he did agree to take a picture with me. We said our goodbyes and left.

And then HHF tells me that the flash didn't go off and the picture is actually really dark and it's almost impossible to see anything. Understandably, I'm bummed, but I still have the experience with me so I decided it wasn't that big a deal. After posting the photo to FB, however, first Jo (from Serendipitous Stitches) and then John (my wedding photographer) both edited the photo for me. So, here it is:

A little pink but totally discernible!

The next day we had some fun at the Dallas Aquarium and the Perot Museum. Lots of walking. Then Monday we flew to California and today we did our engagement shoot at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. When I get those I'll post some.

So far that's it. We've come to realize that this vacation is really a food vacation. We've been eating all the delicious things we can't really get in Texas. Or rather, in the part of Texas we live in. I didn't bring any stitching, but once I get back you'll get a page finish update. Yay!

Until next time, happy stitching!


cucki said...

Big hugs x

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Yay for Photoshop!

So pleased he lived up to your expectations. I've met a couple of famous people (rock musicians) and they are usually really lovely. Never met an actor though, unless you count extras and I've met alot of those!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend away!