Sunday, March 23, 2014

College #58 + ANN SAL part 1

I managed to get at least 100 stitches in on College every day except 1 this week, and I think that's awesome considering everything going on.



About 2,200 stitches left on this page, and I'm hoping to put a good dent in it today. Handsome Helpful Fiancé has already chosen the next pattern for me to work a page on, but won't tell me what it is until I finish this page.

Also, I finish part 1 of AAN Design's Mystery Halloween SAL! Part 2 has come out already and I started working on it today, but here's a quick photo of part 1:

It's stitched on 32 count, I want to say Belfast, "Winter Solstice" from Steph's Fabbys.

I do have to admit that in a moment of weakness and needed comfort I ended up purchasing Ink Circle's "Cirque des Cercles." And I'm already in love with it. Going to make working copies of the chart tomorrow or Tuesday and plow right into it. I am, however, stitching on black fabric. Which could be a disaster. But we'll find out!

I'm finding a lot of comfort in my stitching these days, which is good because my life, right now, is a little bit stressful. I found out from the venue that all events through July are cancelled and August through October are on notice pending a reconstruction schedule. They offered to let me out of the contract if I so choose, but as of right now pretty much everything for Saturday weddings is booked. We have also already booked the group rate for the hotel which would cost a lot to cancel, the invitations are ordered and paid for, and several family members have booked hotels and international plane tickets. At this point, we're going to stay with this venue unless we hear otherwise. I'm feeling a lot better about the situation, and my coordinator is very helpful and communicative about updates and changes. So I guess unless I hear otherwise, I'm going to assume business as usual. I will say please put out good thoughts and lots of crossed fingers that everything will be ok. Positive energy is an amazing thing, and I could use some of it right now.

On the school front, I've finally got a good start on my graduation portfolio. Basically, it consists of a bunch of essays: Introduction, Statement of Philosophy, Competencies A-N, Conclusion, and Affirmation. I can do everything out of order, and I'm starting with the competencies. So far I have turned in and received credit for Competencies A and C. Today I will try to write another one (haven't decided which yet, though). As of right now I'm feeling pretty good about it and I feel that although it took me a while to start, I still started early enough to be able to get it done, as long as I keep doing it.

So with that I should probably go work on it...

The stats:
Pounds lost: 5.2
Days until end of school: 51
Days until wedding: 195
Estimated completion for above chart: 8/15/16

Happy stitching, everyone, and thanks so much for the support I received from last week's dire post. It is very, very much appreciated.


cucki said...

Beautiful stitching xxx

Annette-California said...

Lovely stitching. Stitching does bring comfort. Hope your not to stressed and enjoy preparing for your wedding. Just remember that planning a beautiful wedding verses a perfect wedding, is much more enjoyable. love Annette

Annie said...

Great progress! It's looking great!

Sew Wilde said...

Lovely stitching!! Stitching is the best stress/anxiety relief. I pick up the needle everytime I feel stress setting in. I will send you good vibes-hope all turns out well for you.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress!

Does the venue have enough space in their grounds for a marquee? Worst case scenario you could camp it up in a tent!

I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you all summer now.

Blu said...

Lovely stitching.

I'm glad to hear that you're finding comfort in it. I hope that things go well this summer.

The Crafty Princess said...

Hey Ewa
Great news about school, see it's all starting to pick up. Congrats on receiving a credit.

College is looking great, another page finish on the horizons.

It sounds positive about your wedding venue being ready by October. Sending you lots of positive vibrations. Just believe and you will receive stunner!
Alicia xo