Sunday, May 18, 2014

College #57

Thank you everyone who gave me encouraging words both here and on facebook regarding my grad school success. It means a lot to me. So far I know that I passed my final portfolio (like a thesis) and I got 100% on another class. Still waiting on my third, and final, grade, but I'm hoping for the best. I will find out May 23rd.

The first day, I didn't know what to do with myself. I was dizzy and stressed out and just wanted to sleep. Which is exactly what I did. But when, about five days later on Friday, I didn't feel better I finally went to the doctor. Turns out my ears are clogged which is causing the dizziness and general gross feelings. So that prohibited stitching because dizziness plus stitching don't mix very well. But I managed just over 1,000 stitches anyway! Yay for no school!



After two years it feels really good to be able to stitch for extended periods of time again without guilt. Granted I still feel guilt. I still have sensations of having to do homework, if not now then in a week or a month I will have to. But I don't. Hurrah!! That puts my degree count at four, which is more than plenty. My parents have forbidden me from any more graduate studies. I'm really okay with that.

In my last bit of stitching news, I did buy (yet another) pattern. This is one that I've been eyeing for about a year and yesterday Martina posted that it is being retired so really I had no choice but to buy it. Right? Right. Here it is, Old English Walled Rose Garden by Chatelaine Designs:

I haven't bought the kit for it yet. I'll be putting it on my birthday wish list. But it's going to look so lush and beautiful once it's done. I have a rotation of smaller patterns that I work on. I don't put the progress of those up here until they're done, because they are smaller patterns and I think this one would be included in one of those rotations once Greek Mandala is finished, since I would need the scroll bars for it.

So that's it! The stats for the week:
Days until wedding: 139
Anticipated completion date for "secret stitching": 10/7/2016
Anticipated completion date for College: 10/28/2016
Anticipated completion date for Library Adventures: 4/26/2020

Happy stitching, everyone!


Linda said...

Wonderful progress Ewa. Great new chart. On the HAED's, like what your showing here, do you stitch all one color at a time on the page. If so, how do you end the floss if you get to where there is only one stitch.

Thanks for any help you can give me.

cucki said...

Wow wonderful progress dear ..I love it so much
Sweet new chart..big hugs x

Anonymous said...

Your progress is fantastic as always. I wish I had time like you have know but I fear I have another year of power-studying ahead of me ;-)

I hope you'll feel better soon so you can enjoy your free/stitching time properly =)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Chatelaine is beautiful, really tempting but I am saving myself for Gardens of London!
Have you really got four degrees? That's one more than the girl group LOL.
Did each one take three years? That's a lot of studying!

Anonymous said...

That new chart looks absolutely wonderful :) And yay for extended periods of stitching time!

The Crafty Princess said...

Hope you're feeling better sweetie. Yay again for finishing school, it would be a bit bewildering at first to not have to worry about homework, assessments and exams. But enjoy it!!! Love your new Chatelaine, it will look stunning.
xo Alicia