Friday, November 21, 2014

College page 15

Yesterday morning when I woke up I had 422 stitches left on the current page of College. Naturally, I powered through it until it was done, ignoring everything else I had to do that day except for making dinner because food is important. So, while marathoning old episodes of Ghost Adventures and historical podcasts, I miraculously stitched 422 stitches last night. The end result was finishing page 15!



Last time I updated this I was still unmarried and living in Texas!

Making some good progress on it but not much else I have to say. That's because I have a goal to finish this project by next Christmas, and now with grad school being done I might actually finish it! Another factor is that I'm knitting a thank you scarf for my flower girl for Christmas and, quite honestly, it's extremely difficult. It's a lace pattern that has 32 rows in every repeat with 22 repeats total, however each row is different from the last one so I can't really memorize the pattern. I should be finished with it soon-ish and then I can get back to my regularly scheduled stitching but in the meantime at least I'm getting some College done! I'm pretty happy with this page finish. You can start to see the tops of the heads of the little wizards who will fully appear in the last row of pages! Two more full and one partial (which I will do with the full page) left in this row and then it'll be the final countdown!

In other news I have signed up for a half marathon in February. I might die. But at least I signed up! H³ encouraged me in this and I went for it but now I'm terrified. I'm running four days a week according to a half marathon training plan, though, and this week I ran 6.34 miles which is more than I've ever done before. Granted, that's still not as long as a half marathon, but I have until February and as long as I stick with this program all should be well.

Time to get dressed and do some grocery shopping. H³ has promised to make dinner tonight, but I do have to buy all the dinnering supplies, which is a good trade off. So off I go - happy stitching everyone!


Xstitch Judith said...

Very beautiful

Rachel Tomkins said...

Congratulations on another page finish and reaching (almost) the 2/3rds milestone. It looks amazing but must be so confetti-heavy.
Good on you for signing up for a half marathon too. Keep us advised of your training. I'm not sure I could run 6.34 miles in a year let alone a week so have great admiration for your effort! :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Woohoo for a page finish! This is a massive project, I'll be cheering you on for a finish.

Well done on the marathon training too, it's a good idea to build up to the full thing.

ps I love the hubby is now H cubed!!

Linda said...

Congrats on the page finish Ewa. You have made great progress.


Cinzia said...

It's coming out great!

Annie said...

Congrats on a beautiful page finish! Filling in that confetti really makes a difference!

As a runner I can tell you that you can totally do the half marathon!
Just like stitching, some days your training will go better than others, but just think of it like a big step at a time just like stitching is one stitch at a time, and you will get to the finish line!

The Crafty Princess said...

College looks amazing! Congrats on another page finish Woo Hoo. Looking forward to the next row too, very exciting! Good luck with the half marathon, I applaud anyone that can ran long distances that's great Ewa. Good luck with all your training!
xo Alicia