Sunday, February 16, 2014

College #55

I'm very happy with this week's progress. I made a conscious effort to sit down every night and although I didn't meet my stitching goal every night, I did stitch every night.



Got almost all the black in - have a few more stitches to do on that color and then I'll grab the next!

On the everything else front, not much is going on. Work is still being work. And I haven't accomplished much in the way of wedding planning except that our invitations came in, but I guess that's not really anything I've accomplished. I've also lost 1.2 pounds in the 5 pound challenge as of this morning, which some would argue is just water weight. They're probably right, but I like to look at it as a small victory anyway.

So, this week's stats:
Days of school left: 86
Days until wedding: 230

Happy stitching!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

College #54

The downside of doing an update every week is that my stitching doesn't look dramatically different. But oh well! I'm enjoying stitching College, but at the same time I kind of want to be done with it. Either way, here it is.



Just a little bit done.

The AAN Halloween Mystery SAL has also started up and the first part has been released. I've been working on it a little bit during lecture, and College in the evening. When I finish part 1 I'll post a picture of it.

I also forgot to mention some new additions to my stash. QS Tea Party went out to anyone who bought a ticket to the HAED Raffle. I didn't win, but it was a nice consolation prize either way:

Also, the fabulous lesli RAK'd me another chart and here it is, QS Literate Dragon:

I have so many charts I just want to dig into! Can't WAIT for school to be done. About to start week 4 (I can't believe it's already week 4 (of 15)) so hopefully it'll go quick. Lots to do this quarter so really have to hunker down.

Tomorrow we start a 5 pound weight loss challenge at work. It runs from February 10 through March 31 and the goal is to lose 5 pounds. It's $10 to get in. If you lose the 5 pounds, you get to keep your $10. If you don't but others do, your $10 gets distributed among the ones who do. And if nobody loses the 5 pounds then your $10 goes to the charity of your choice. We have 6 participants - so wish us luck!

On the wedding front, we got more done this past week. Booked the group rate at the hotel and we booked our honeymoon tickets! We're going to Iceland! It's going to be awesome!

So here are my current countdowns:
End of school: 93 days
Wedding: 237 days

Woo! Happy stitching, everyone!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

College #53

I'm trying to get into the habit of posting once a week, not because I feel like I should but because it's a great escape from all my responsibilities and makes me happy. It seems as though school will be pretty terrible this semester, as far as amount of work goes, but at least it's the last semester and I have an awesome countdown going (100 days left!). I have been trying to set aside some time in the evening to stitch, however, and here is my progress so far:

And now:

That's about 1,300 stitches into the page, which isn't bad!

I must admit I have been doing a lot of knitting lately, mostly because it's easier to sit down and do a row sometimes without having to set anything up. I got some gorgeous yarn for Christmas and a hat knitting book so I have been trying to take full advantage of that.

On the job front, things still aren't great. There's been retaliation, my hours getting cut for no reason, and I'm pretty sure there's one person who is trying to force me out. When school gets closer to being done, however, I'm going to start looking for something else, and that has definitely been a comfort.

Yesterday it was in the mid 70s and today it is snowing. Big, fat snowflakes. I don't really have to deal with snow very often, so I tend to gaze at it in amazement. It's pretty magical.

On the wedding planning front, things are really picking up. 244 days until the wedding! The save the dates have gone out. The invitations have been ordered. The tuxedos for the guys picked out. The band has been hired. The florist has received her deposit. The bridesmaid dresses have been picked out. And the honeymoon destination has been chosen (Iceland!). I guess the next step for me will be to work on the wedding website and the registries and print out the enclosure cards. Whew! Lots still to do!

And with that, I'm off. Happy stitching, everyone!