Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Progress, Stash, and Life (Oh my!)

So much has happened that I hardly know where to start, so I'll start with the stitching and move on to life stuff. Prepare for lots of pictures!

First, College.



That's a little over 2,000 stitches in!

Greek Mandala!



Slow and steady progress on both that I'm fairly happy with! Greek Mandala is probably my favorite project to stitch.

Which moves me into the stash portion of this post. The Crafty Princess has been naughty once again and completed my collection of seasonal dragons (the collection that she started!). So here they are:

Spring Dragon:

Summer Dragon:

Winter Dragon:

They're all going to be so fun to stitch! I can rotate them on the walls with the seasons once I finish them. Someday.

Now on to the personal stuff. It seems that 2015 is going to be an interesting year if it keeps up the way it has so far. H³ and I listen to a comedy podcast called Uhh Yeah Dude. I have probably mentioned it before because we went to one of their live shows in Dallas in 2013. They were in San Francisco this past weekend so we decided to go see them again. Our adventure started just as we got to San Francisco. We left about two hours before the show (which was at 4) and it was supposed to take us about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. At about 3pm we got to San Francisco and had about 8 miles to go to get to were we needed to park. at 3:15 we still had 7 miles to go. At 3:30 with 6 miles I started getting worried. We parked the car at 4:01pm with 0.4 miles to the venue. So, if anyone was in San Francisco this weekend and saw two people running down Lombard Street like crazy people, that was us. We made it to the venue between 4:07 and 4:10 and they started the show at 4:20. Success!

After the show they had a meet and greet so we lined up. It was really fun to see the UYD guys again (they had done a meet and greet after the Dallas show, too) and I got some photos.

With Jonathan Larroquette:

With Seth Romatelli:

We had a great time and will probably try to go to more shows if the opportunity presents itself.

So now is the time where I ask you guys for your help. I'm a big believer in positive energy, so if you have any to spare to send my way I would really appreciate it! I have an opportunity to potentially be an extra in a movie they're filming out here. I'm very excited but also trying to remain calm and realistic. Shooting is this Saturday so I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best - wish me luck, please!

After that's done, I have a job interview and then a half marathon. So like I said - 2015 is turning out to be a very interesting year so far!

Happy stitching, everyone!


Emma/Itzy said...

Great stitching progress and new stash :)

Good luck with all the exciting things happening this year!

Ruth said...

Fingers crossed!!!!!!!

Congrats on all those tiny little stitches of progress.

Heather said...

Good luck! My DMIL does a lot of extra work in L.A. and she loves it.

Linda said...

Awesome progress on both pieces Ewa. You amaze at how much you get done on them. Love your new stash. Great pics of you. Good luck with the movie making and job interview.


sharine said...

Very nice progress and great new stash from that stunning princess. Sending positive vibes. It sounds excitingxx

sharine said...

Very nice progress and great new stash from that stunning princess. Sending positive vibes. It sounds excitingxx

DJH said...

Great stitching. I am looking forward to your start on the dragons.
Good luck in everything that is coming your way!

Anonymous said...

Great progress on College, you're aiming for a row-finish, yay! =)
2015 sounds great so far =) I'm crossing all my fingers and sending all my positive engery to you and hope that both that moviething and the jobinterview will be a success. You know you will rock that half marathon =D

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great stitching progress on both pieces. I just love that Spring Dragon. You know I don't stitch these designs so you must do that one for me. I'll let you borrow it back sometimes.

The Crafty Princess said...

Good luck stunner! You'll get into the movie, you belong on the big screen. You're so beautiful and photogenic!

Good luck with you job interview too. I'm sure you'll breeze through it and be successful.

College looking good too, how exciting that you're almost nearing another row finish. Wheeee!

My vote is for the Winter Dragon. I'm a winter baby and I love all things Winter including that dragon...just saying LOL!

xo Alicia