Sunday, September 11, 2016

Parrot #13

This page of the parrot is super fun to stitch, I think because the parrot itself is emerging!


After 10 hours:

This is, in my opinion, the perfect kind of page to stitch. There's a great balance of background and confetti so I can switch off, and it goes pretty quickly. I imagine needing only about 15-20 more hours to finish the page, as I'm already over 1/3 of the way there. On top of that, seeing the colors blending and the parrot's face emerging is just really exciting. Every stitch I put into him (I've named him Felix in my mind) makes his face come out more and more. Generally, I am loving it.

H³ is narrowing down the choices of what pattern I'm going to stitch next. I may not have said, but it's more than just the BAPs I have listed on the left. On top of that are also the following:

- Alessandra Adelaide's Halloween Mystery SAL (not a mystery anymore since the SAL is long over but I still have the pattern on the go)
- Alessandra Adelaide's Elucubrazioni (Out of Print)
- Cloudsfactory's Doctor Who 12 Doctors Clock
- Cloudsfactory's Magical Creatures Calendar
- Joan Elliott's Celestial Dragon

They're all smaller projects I started at some point and became UFOs and now I'm taking the opportunity to put them into a rotation and finish them off. H³ has mentioned that he wants me to go with a Halloween themed pattern next, since October and Halloween are my favorite, and that leaves either AAN Halloween SAL or Spangler's Trick or Treat. We'll see which one will come out to play!

Until next time, happy stitching everyone!


Rebekah said...

The parrots head is really becoming clear. Good luck finishing his head off.

Thistleberry said...

I'm so glad the parrot has a name! Same name as my car, as a matter of fact, so I guess it's safe to say I'm a fan. :)
Great progress!

I hope he goes with AAN Halloween SAL. It's cute. Plus, sometimes it can be super refreshing to stitch a piece in a different style and then all your projects benefit.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great progress on the parrot. I vote AAN too!

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

The parrot looks great, all the lovelies greens must be a delight to stitch =)
I would love to see something halloweenish, I am eager for autumn (after a very rainy and stormy time in July and August, Germany suffers from a heatwave in the middle of September....) One day I will start my own Trick or Treat Haed, I would love to see yours soon ;-)

The Crafty Princess said...

Hello Felix!! That's a very random choice but I love it. Probably cos it is so random LOL! I can't believe how much you stitch in 10 hours, that's amazing!!!
Glad you're having fun with it :D

I have my fingers crossed for HAED Trick or Treat. Just saying

xo Alicia

Heather said...

I vote the clock or trick or treat! Beautiful progress!