Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Flu is Good for Some Things

I ended up getting the flu on Thursday. A really nasty, nasty bug. Had to stay home from work and everything. That did, however, mean I had more time for stitchy goodness. I worked on College of Magical Knowledge for a bit but was so sick that my mom actually ended up taking care of me so I had to put that away so she wouldn't see it and worked on Mario for a bit. Made some good progress on both.

Mario so far:

43,023 stitches or 35.85% complete.

And here's College of Magical Knowledge:

Not as much progress as I'd hoped, but not too bad so far. So much confetti, though...

I have decided to restart Dark Queen. I realized I wasn't enjoying stitching her since I was doing it 2 over 1 and it made it so difficult to get any stitches in. So she'll be restarted and hopefully that will get her a little better progress.

Thanks for reading and happy stitching!

1 comment:

anojaa said...

I feel the same every time I'm forced to stay in bed :)
Anyway, I hope you will feel better soon. Your two projects look awesome. ah the confettis...! Let's talk about a nuisance!
Good luck with your restart, so we can expect some photos soon...