Thursday, March 17, 2011

New Start

Honestly, someone needs to block my HAED account. I keep buying patterns. This is a piece I'm working on as a Christmas gift. Hopefully I will have it done by Christmas but we'll see.

James Christensen's "College of Magical Knowledge" (Heaven and Earth Designs)

Unfortunately the piece is basically completely composed of confetti stitching, which is slightly infuriating. But I will persevere!

Stitched on 25-count Evenweave, 1 over 1.
Currently 7,840 stitches or 5.19% complete.

Upon leaving my friend's place Saturday night I noticed a new addition to her wall:

I couldn't be prouder.

On another note I added an option to comment without an account. For anyone reading this...


anojaa said...

Hi! your progress is awesome. I have the same problem with the HAED patterns, and as they keep on putting new charts, superb charts...How could we resist?
Happy stitching

Ewa said...

Thanks so much! And I know, they have AMAZING charts and they just keep coming out with more. I have about 20 right now that I need to stitch plus something like 100 on my wish list. At this point I refuse to purchase another chart without completing one first. Of course I said that 5 charts ago so we'll see how long that lasts.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!