Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I know what I can do to make up for lack of stitchiness! I can show you the rest of my HAED stash!

I'm unreasonably excited about this, just for the record.

"A Beckoning Light" by Jonathon Bowser

"A Peacock and Doves in a Garden" by Eugene Bidau

"Blue Invariance" by Jonathon Bowser

"Celtic Witch" by Jessica Galbreth

"Diana" by Jessica Galbreth

"Earth, Autumn, Winter" by Jonathon Bowser

"Forest Mist" by Jonathon Bowser

"Hummers" by Jody Bergsma

"Invariance" by Jonathon Bowser

"Lavender Moon" by Jessica Galbreth

"Lotus Wood" by Jonathon Bowser

"Love Springs Eternal" by Jessica Galbreth

"Moon Dreaming" by Jessica Galbreth

"The Empress" by Stephanie Pui Mun Law

"The Lovers" by Stephanie Pui Mun Law

"Strength" by Stephanie Pui Mun Law
Now you know my dirty little secret. This isn't my entire stash, by the way. Just my HAED...


Wendy said...

oh my, those are beautiful designs !
now all we need is the time to stitch.....

Anonymous said...

Oh they are all so lovely! I have been eying the first one for ages since I came across the picture by accident years ago (log before I even knew about Haed).
I especially love "Earth, Autumn, Winter" , "Forest Mist" and "Lotus Wood". I just love fair ladies with epic long hair, hahaha.
But the others are still so beautiful, too :)
Will we one day be able to enjoy the rest of your stash? ;)

sharine said...

Beautiful charts

Stitching Noni said...

oh ah.... drooling.....

What a lovely HAED stash you have! I have the peacocks :-)

Stash is a lovely dirty secret!! I just wish that I had the time to stitch some of what is in my stash.... but it won't stop me adding to it!

Ewa said...

Thank you everyone! :) I'm very excited to stitch each and every one of those pieces. I'll be lucky to be able to stitch them all in this lifetime (that's why I have forbidden myself from buying any more HAED until I finish some). As to the rest of my stash, I'll see what I can do ;)

Joysze said...

Nice collection you have there! :D

anojaa said...

Wow! wonderful charts! i love Bowser's work too. Can't wait to see your stitching on them and on the others too :)

The Crafty Princess said...

I see you're a bit of a Bowser fan. Don't blame you his art is beautiful. You have some very inspirational and stunning charts in your stash. Not sure how you managed to not start more. I'm hopeless I've got 18 wips atm, very proud of your restraint. LOL!
Alicia xo

Mrs Dibble said...

The Peacock chart is are the least we can plan out one part of our life to a certain extent....the rest may be a bit chaotic but we can see certain steps stretching out ahead of us....chart by chart...the order may change but there path is there...lovely collection

Ewa said...

Aw, thanks so much everyone! I think the thing with me and Bowser's work (and Galbreth's too) is that I was a bit of an ugly duckling growing up (understatement) and I saw all these beautiful paintings and they touched me in a way that has stuck through the years. Now I just want to be a part of creating beauty like that. I very much look forward to stitching each and every chart I own and am very excited to share the progress with you all :)

Anonymous said...

i really wish i hadnt seen this post there are three that i REALLY want, god im going to have to look now, oh my poor bank balance

Ewa said...

Lol Bev, would one of them be Blue Invariance by any chance? What are the other two?