Monday, January 16, 2012

College Page Finish!

I did it! Even though hermit weekend is next weekend (I've already signed up and you should too by clicking the little hermit crab in my sidebar) I ended up hermitting this weekend, too, because Boyfriend ended up injuring his back. I basically didn't let him do anything except sit on the couch and play video games (and watch the niners game - holy crap did you guys SEE it?) while he picked my symbols and I stitched. That means that I finished a page! I won't leave you waiting any longer, here it is!



College of Magical Knowledge by James Christensen from Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitching on 25 count antique white Evenweave
1 thread over 1 with DMC

I think it's pretty cool-looking, if I do say so myself. Also, I'm officially over 25% done with it.

In other news, I did a bad, bad thing and bought all the silks and DMC for Greek Mandala. Oh my! It set me back a pretty penny - but on the bright side it also made me start applying for part time jobs. Cross your fingers for me, please! I'll do a floss toss as soon as I receive them. As to when I'll be starting it - I honestly don't know! But you'll know when I do. I'll admit myself to be TERRIFIED of it.

Next page of College isn't too exciting as it's mostly sky with a sliver of tree - but all subsequent pages should be awesome. Stay tuned!


Pauline said...

It is great! Good job! Have fun with the hermit-weekend, i enjoy it too!

cucki said...

wow it is so beautiful..well done..
happy hermitting dear this taking part too..
hugs cucki xxx

Cat said...

Wow! What progress! Very beautiful!

Hugs Cat.

Cathy said...

Great progress!

demeter83 said...

Love your progress, it's looking brilliant. COngrats on an early hermitage!
I've never been interested in the Chatelaines before, but I'm now a little concerned that I might be about to become addicted to them.
Good luck on the job hunting, what sort of things are you looking for?

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing =)
I always cross my fingers for you to find a job soon =)

sharine said...

College is looking great! Good luck with your job hunting.

Melissa said...

Great job on College, and good luck with your job search! I also have to add that I will be rooting for the niners. I'm a packer fan and they clearly lost.

Joysze said...

WOOHOO, girl!!! Does this look awesome or does it look awesome!! :D

*giggle* Great going with Greek. Don't worry.... you can do it. I have faith in you.

How are the job searches coming along?

Mangogirl said...

great progress!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow! Congratulations that looks fantastic!!!!

Heli said...

Congrats on the page finish! And even the boring pages add nicely to the whole of the picture, so looking forward to the next page finish too. :)

ECC still hasn't sent me my Evening in the Park kit, but I do like the idea of us starting our first big Châtelaines at around the same time, so if you're not in any hurry to start yours, I'll let you know when I eventually some day get that kit.

Good luck with the job hunt!

The Maiden said...

Amazing! A HAED page finish is like a project finish, congrats!