Tuesday, January 3, 2012

College of Magical Knowledge!!

I log into blogger, and WHOA! 99 followers! I have a fun little giveaway brewing in my little head for when/if/pleasepleaseplease I have a job. BUT, until then, I am learning to cook, stitching away, and generally enjoying myself.

I was stitching away over New Year's on College while at Boyfriend's. However, Boyfriend bought me Assassin's Creed for Christmas (along with a beautiful cashmere scarf, thank you Boyfriend!!) on xbox 360, which I don't have, but he does. Of course this means that my stitching suffered a bit while I obsessively completed objectives, searched for flags, and was an awesome assassin. But I'm very happy with the progress and anticipate a page finish upon my next Boyfriend visit.



College of Magical Knowledge by James Christensen from Heaven and Earth Designs
Stitching on 25 count antique white Evenweave
1 thread over 1 with DMC

I also anticipate finishing a page of Mario in the next couple of days, after which I must finish Tiny Rose Garden Mandala. One of my friends crocheted me a blanket. A huge, beautiful, warm, amazing blanket. I have a Queen-sized bed and it's too big. So I think I will finish up Tiny Rose Garden Mandala, finish it as a throw pillow, make a nice Thank You card, and send it to her. The blanket is just amazing. I'll try to get a picture of it and put it up with the next post.

Until then, I hope 2012 is treating you all right. Happy Stitching!


lesli said...

Your HAED is looking so beautiful!

I can definitely relate to the game-playing...I bought my hubby the new Lord of the Rings Xbox game...and of course I spent time playing instead of stitching!!


sharine said...

College is looking great. Your game sounds like fun. We got the girls a u-draw for our Wii and all we have played for two weeks is Disney Princess

Anonymous said...

Your stitching on College is so amazing =) I can't wait to see more of it
The blanket sounds fantastic and I am looking forward to see your Tiny Rose Garden Mandala

cucki said...

hello deary, its me cucki..i am so happy that we met and we are friends :)
your stitching HEAD is looking so beautiful..
your game sound so much fun..
thank you so much dear for your lovely comments on my humble blog..
sending you hugs and lots of SMILES
cucki xx

Heli said...

Oh wow, you got a LOT done on College! It's looking great, looking forward to seeing more. :)

Valentina said...

You stitched a lot!!!
I can't wait to see the blanket your friend made you!

Lucie said...

Oh wow - the college is looking fab :)

nikkin said...

Wow, College is looking fantastic, I love the detail! Enjoy your video game break, Assassin's Creed is awesome!


Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching.