Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year's! (and WIPocalypse)

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope your holidays have been awesome and that 2012 brings you all just as much stitchy joy as you want.

I'm at Boyfriend's for the New Year and I brought my laptop, but I'm a genius and didn't bring my charger. So now my laptop is dead and I'm updating from my touchpad. As such, stitchy update next week when I'm back home. But, while stitching madly away at College (and I will have an impressive amount to update you all with), I've also been thinking about WIPocalypse, and as such I would like to update and finalize my list:

To Finish:
College of Magical Knowledge
Riding the Wave
Tiny Rose Garden Mandala

To Make Progress On:
Medieval Shelf
Middle Earth

To Start:
Greek Mandala (contingent upon me getting a job)
Dark Queen OR Mystic Mermaid OR A New Day Dawning OR Scarlet Wizard
Treasure Quest

I've mentioned before that I'm turning into a one-at-a-timer. I'm focusing on finishing my oldest WIP first and moving to the newest. The only hitch in this plan is that I have to work on another piece while working on College (and Medieval Shelf/Treasure Quest) at least while I live with my parents. So, Mario is my oldest WIP and thus I'm focusing on finishing that one first. I will actually have a page finish on that one for you guys in a few days, when I get home!

Now, for New Year's. I have a few resolutions:
1. Get back down to 135 pounds (stereotypical, I know)
2. Be a better girlfriend
3. Move out of my parent's place
4. Get a job I actually like
5. Finish a few WIPs

I think that's doable... How about you guys? Any New Year's resolutions?

I hope you all have a wonderful 2012 and stay safe out there tonight. Lots of crazies on the road.


Anonymous said...

I hope you will enjoy a wonderful year =)
Your plans sound great and I hope you can achieve them (well, no more stash buying will be hard, I guess..)

Valentina said...

Happy New Year!
I see we have 5 out 6 resolutions in common: the only thing I won't be doing for now is move out from my parents, I'll live with them for at least all 2012.

Mangogirl said...

Good luck with your WIPocalypse goals and your resolutions.