Monday, September 17, 2012

I Have No Willpower

Both in the stitching world and in the personal world, though the title refers to the personal world, in this case. I'll go over that at the end of the post for whoever is here just for stitching.

I just finished up my 10 hour rotation on Mario, just in time for the IHSW post!



Wow... last time was back in April. That's a world away. I'm pretty happy with how much I managed to do, and I think it's looking awesome! Maybe next rotation I'll have a page finish. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but hey, it's looking good! I may have been stitching while watching Lord of the Rings. When I should have been doing my homework. Oops.

Also, here's my TUSAL. I'm using my living/dining room as a background.

You can also get a rough idea of how big Mario actually is. Answer: Big. I'll take a picture with him (and any other BAP I finish) when he's all done. Still a ways off, but not as long as my brain thinks!

So what's up with the willpower? I've always been the kind of person who seizes the moment. I used to get up at 5:30 just so I could make it to the gym. I would go to the gym 5 days a week, no excuses. And go to bed by 10 every night. Now, unless I have work, I'm lucky to be in bed by midnight and up by 8:30. No gym. Plenty of excuses. I'm feeling... doughy. My productivity sucks. Something needs to change.

It doesn't help that I haven't had the best of times in Texas. I won't get into it, but it's been a little rough. I'm doing my best, though.

Change does not come easily to me, and I know this, and lately there have been a LOT of changes in my life. I haven't really been dealing with them well. Read: I'm SUPER WHINY.

I also know that if you try to make too many positive changes in your life at once, you're setting yourself up for failure. So, baby steps. Step 1: bed earlier, wake up earlier. I can get back on my schedule, I think, and be able to fit everything in. Step 2: get less dough-y. Ok, ok I know I'm exaggerating I'm far from dough-y, but when you study for 8-10 hours a day and don't move off the couch, man it gets to you.

That's it for tonight everyone. I've still got about 400 blogs to catch up on. I've been neglecting you all dreadfully.

Have a wonderful week and take care!


sharine said...

Mario is looking great. Hang in there and like you said baby steps and you will be right back in the swing of things:)

Yvon (jioya) said...

Mario is looking great.
Don't be too hard on yourself , you will need time to adjust to all the changes.

Hugs Yvon.

cucki said...

Mario is so sweet..
Sending you lots of (( hugs ))

Melinda said...

Sending you strength and wishes for success, in stitching, and getting through the changes. Baby steps for sure, have patience with yourself, you have had a summer you will remember.

Bea said...

Mario looks great - always good to see progress.

You're adjusting to a lot of changes - it takes time. Take it easy on yourself.

Kasey said...

Your stitching looks great! I enjoyed perusing your site.

Linda said...

Mario is looking awesome. Hang in there Ewa. Things will get better. I'm coping with issues and I'm over the hill and way down the other side.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I know what you mean ;-) The last few weeks of my life seem to consist of working and learning, but I got used to it by now ;-)
I hope it will get better and that you can get back to your schedule soon =)
*hug hug hug*
Wonderful progress on Mario =)

Marcy said...

Mario is looking great.

Change can be difficult but if you just keep at it, everything will be normal again.

The Maiden said...

Whoo hoo, 10 hour rotation! I like that idea, hmm...

Heli said...

Great progress on Mario, congrats! :)

That many big chances in your life in such a short period of time has got to be tough. I'd take it one day or maybe week at a time and count surviving each one as a win. This crazy work+study phase in your life won't take for ever.

Wishing you the strength you need to change your daily routine, one small step at a time!

lesli said...

You kicked A$$ for IHSW! Mario looks great!

I say....don't worry about the 400 blogs to catch up on (we all know you're busy!) Use that time instead to get something else done that is keeping you up late!

I'm with you though...I rarely go to bed earlier than this point if I try my body doesn't even allow it.

I'm still chuffed (I soooo stole that word from someone in the UK) that TX has been rough...anything I can do to cheer ya up?

Pauline said...

Good progress on Mario!
And please don't be to hard for yourself!
It all needs time...

Liesbeth said...

I cannot imagine what it feels like to move so far away from where you're from, in Europe we would call it a migration ;-) . You are such a brave woman to do this! No wonder you're in a bit of a funk lately! Every change needs time to get adjusted to, don't worry about bedtimes, not working out or other things. You will get there again, I promise!

Melissa said...

Wow! Mario is big! Great job on it :)

Sending positive encouragement so you can get back on your preferred schedule :)

Anne said...

Ooof Ewa! Mario is so massive! You go girl! I hear you about feeling doughy right now :( No worries though, we'll get back into the swing of things...maybe even start to cycle again!


Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
Mario is looking fab.
I hope you fell less doughy soon (0:

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your progress is looking great.

Yeah that doughy thing. I keep saying today is the day... then it becomes tomorrow. Its hard it really is!

Joysze said...

Doughy!!! ME TOO!!!!!! Maybe we should start a Doughy Club. LOL!!

I, unlike you, don't like getting up early, so working out before work is totally out. Since we don't get home till after 7:30, going to the gym after work is out too. I suppose I could do little things at home... but haven't quite made it there... I think about it though, doesn't that count? LOL!!