Thursday, September 6, 2012

WIPocalypse 8, #2

A little late on the WIPocalypse post. Also, I'm going to cheat because the only project that has changed since the last WIPocalypse is College, so that's the only one I'm going to post. Sorry, guys! I probably shouldn't even be doing this right now since I have so much schoolwork, but I'm a little tired of being responsible at this moment in time so I'm DOING IT. HA - take that, school.

College before WIPocalypse:

Last WIPocalypse:

Last Update:


I feel like I managed to get a lot done in 10 hours! Which reminds me, I realize it is absolutely impossible for me to finish this by Christmas. So I'm going back to 10 hour rotations, with the difference that College will be the focus piece, so that every hour rotation I'll go back to it. I'm going to admit, I got a little sick of it.

My last bit of news is that I got a birthday package from my sister the other day. Wanna see? I think you do:

Glorious, isn't it? I have an ALMOST complete set, just missing a few. I wind them on bobbins during my lectures. Multi-tasking achievement, ahoy!

Have a great day, everyone! I wish you all more stitching time than I've had lately.


sharine said...

It is looking wonderful and what a great birthday package!

Pull the other thread said...

Looks great. I really look forward to your updates on this.

lesli said...

Love the birthday stash! Who couldn't use more floss!?
Great progress on College, especially considering how busy you are! Don't you get a fall break or something soon!? :)

Pauline said...

COllege is groing very well!

Yvon (jioya) said...

Again you did lots in the little time you have left.
that's a great floss package from your sister, i hope that you can do lots with this.

Hugs Yvon.

cucki said...

your stitching is so beautiful..
lovely birthday stash..
hugs xx

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

great progress and you can never have enough dmc especially when you stitch haeds

Melissa said...

I like that you wind the thread on bobbins during lectures. Lol :)

Great job on College!

Monique said...

Its always so nice when people give you gifts that they know you are going to love.

robindefender said...

The progress pictures are fun to look at, I think the popcorn nature of what you're stitching makes for an interesting effect.
Lovely gift from your sister.

Melinda said...

What an awesome gift. Extra special, as you know it was purchased with great thought, just for you.

Liesbeth said...

I love your gift!!
College looks amazing, you've done a lot in so little time!

Anonymous said...

Your progress on College looks wonderful, really a lot for just 10 hours of stitching ;-)
I hope you will finde more time for stitching in the next weeks again, school can sometimes really eat up your life ;-)
The floss you got looks breathtaking, I wish I would get such presents from my sister ;-D

The Crafty Princess said...

Oh you rebel you!!!!
I'm glad you are though love seeing college wips. Love all the pretty threads, great sis you have there xox

Joysze said...

College looks fantastic, girlie. :D All done with the flos winding? :)

Anne said...

Looove your College so far darlin'!!! Oooh fab pressie from your sister! I love multi tasking!!


Mangogirl said...

ooo great progress! and love the stash!