Thursday, November 1, 2012

WIPocalypse the 11th coming

I don't have much to report for this WIPocalypse, but thanks to the Middle Earf SAL I have something! So here goes:

Middle Earf before WIPocalypse:

Last WIPocalypse:


So that's what five days of after-work stitching when one has a bunch of papers and group projects due looks like. I honestly don't think it looks too shabby, if I do say so myself.

Besides that, Halloween was awesome. I dressed up as Batman and all the little kids wanted to get their picture taken with Batman and give Batman a high five and show him how far they could jump. Here are a couple of pictures:

I had SO MUCH FUN with that cape. I was swishing it around everywhere and at one point Handsome Helpful Boyfriend just looked at me and asked, "did you just woosh your cape at me?" Yes honey. Yes I did.


sharine said...

Great stitching. Very cool costume!

cucki said...

Very sweet stitching and lovely costume xxx

Melinda said...

Great costume. Looks as if you all had a pretty awesome day at the Library. Love Middle Earth

Melody said...

Loving the Batman costume. You've even mastered the 'Bat'-itude to go with it :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful stitching =) One can really see some progress =)

Your Halloween looks like a lot of fun =)

Linda said...

Wow Ewa. I can't believe how much stitching you got done on your HAED. It is just gorgeous. Great progress. Love all your Halloween pics.


Stitching Noni said...

Well done on your stitching. Every thing bit counts!!
Looks like Halloween was great fun - love the costumes! :)

Anne said...

Loads of progress on Middle Earth! Wowza1!!! Ahhhaaa! Love the cape comment from your HB!!!


lesli said...

Where is creeper Batman? :)

Love your ME progress! Helps me know what to look forward to!

Man, I'm still behind on a WIPocalypse update....I'm so laaaaazy!

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous costume!

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

I've used that red plastic thread to grid with. What do you think of it?

I found it was ok once I actually had it all gridded correctly, but I found those little end pieces kept getting caught in my thread, and I really had to watch out for that. Also, it bothered me a little how, where the threads met, the hole would be a bit larger than the others, which I could still see after my piece was completed. (Yes, I looked too hard) Anyway, I'm interested to know what you thought of it.