Sunday, December 30, 2012

A Finish (!!) and WIPocalypse, the last coming

"You're going to read over my shoulder, aren't you?"
"Yeah, just to make sure you mention me in every other sentence, at least. It's a proof-reading thing. You know you want to."

And that is how Handsome Helpful Boyfriend is helping me write this blog post.

I finally finished his secret Christmas stitching. A few days late and it would have been done a tad earlier if I hadn't lost an entire bobbin of 159. As I didn't have a spare, I ended up having to go to Hobby Lobby the next day and buy another one (and keep from buying all the Thomas Kinkade Disney kits). BUT, all that aside, I finally finished, and here it is:

"Spring Meeting" by Alessandra Adelaide
Stitched on 22-count "Precious Metals" Hardanger by Silkweaver Fabrics
2 over 1 DMC

And there you have it. It took me roughly 3-4 weeks to finish it and it would have been done on time but I ended up getting the fabric a bit late, mostly due to Hurricane Sandy.

I do have another secret stitch going on right now but it's incorporated into my rotation so there should (theoretically) be more updates coming. 

Handsome helpful boyfriend is very handsome and helpful and wonderful. He got me a Golden Kite pattern for Christmas of this beauty:

After a serious bout of handsome helpful puppy boyfriend eyes and "maybe you can start the parrot?" I have now incorporated it into my rotation. My long.... long rotation. Oh well! I just got a finish so I'm not complaining.

Handsome helpful boyfriend's mom also got me a lovely kit:

Definitely itching to start this one (along with all my charts) but holding off... for now. Maybe when I finish the horses I'll pull this one out. It's got beads and blending filament and all sorts of things to make it both a fun and challenging stitch.

Those are all the stitchy Christmas things I got, and it's plenty in my opinion. I will also mention that Lesli of the Fabulous Frogger was super naughty and sent me a $50 gift card to White House Black Market. I will most certainly find a very good use for it, thank you Lesli!

So now the WIPocalypse. Unfortunately I don't have any new stitching to show for any of my regular projects, so I'll just do a recap of the beginning of the year and where they're at now.

College of Magical Knowledge before WIPocalypse:


Mario before WIPocalypse:


Riding the Wave before WIPocalypse:


Tiny Rose Garden Mandala before WIPocalypse:

Tiny Rose Garden Mandala now (FINISHED!):

Middle Earf before WIPocalypse:


Greek Mandala before WIPocalypse:



So there you have it. I will not be participating in the 2013 WIPocalypse or the 2013 TUSAL, mostly because of Grad school and it being difficult to maintain obligations like that but it was fun this year and I'm glad I did it. Also glad that the world did NOT end because I didn't actually get to finish any (except one) of my WIPs. oops!

So today I go back to my regularly scheduled rotation. If you're curious about what's coming up next, I have posted the next ten rotations on the top of my left sidebar. 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that 2013 brings nothing but joy and good things. From Handsome Helpful Boyfriend and myself! 


Pauline said...

Wish you a good 2013 to!
Very good work on your wips!

Cathy Pavlovich said...

Beautiful stitching and wonderful gifts, Ewa! Happy New Year to you!

Heli said...

Oo I like what you stitched for your boyfriend! So, so cute!

You've accomplished a lot during the past year, I am almost ashamed to report my not-nearly-so-great progress! (But I'll do it anyway, probably on Jan 1st.)

A lucky new year to you as well!

Jennifer M. said...

I'm still impressed! You still accomplished quite alot this year on your BAP projects. Love the new charts you got. :)

Happy New Years!


sharine said...

You done very well for this year.HHB has awesome taste in charts. I hope you both have a rocking 2013!

Linda said...

You made such great progress Ewa. Congrats on getting so much done. How about a pic of HHB.

Happy New Year

Stitching Noni said...

Great finish! Well done on all your 2012 stitching :)
Fab new charts! Can't wait to see them in your rotation :)
All the best for the new year!

lesli said...

LOVE the birdies!! My favorites are the owls, of course...and the freaking adorable purple one at the bottom!

Here's to 2013! May there be much stitching and of course...some stashing!!

Melissa said...

Spring Meeting looks great! I love the bright colors. I can't wait to see your progress this year :)

The Crafty Princess said...

Whoa you really got a lot done on College. I love it.

Nice present for H&HB, it's absolutely adorable. It looks like a fun stitch too.

Thank you so much for the lovely variegated thread you sent me. It was such a lovely surprise. Thank you Ewa. So how do you like the 22ct. I've changed my mind, I did a little work on my GK wip which is worked on 18ct and I think the 22ct, for me anyway, will be too small with all that blending. So I'm going to stick to 18 and 20 ct for them.

You should be very proud of all your stitching accomplishments for 2012 especially since you had some big lifestyle changes as well. Great stuff stunner xox

Liesbeth said...

Congrats on your finish, looks very cute!!

Maureen said...

Your wips are looking great. Love the old map design. Will look forward to seeing this stitch up.

Rai Rai's Stitches said...

Wow, so many beautiful WiP's. I'm always in awe of those who can juggle numerous projects. I know myself too well. I give myself one at a time, because there is always a time in each project where I grow inexplicably bored, and if I stopped to work on something else, I would never pick it up again.
Kudos to you for having the discipline for working on several and finishing them all eventually.

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching and lovely progress. I love that map and it is wonderful the only problem is that it doesn't have my town on it at all. The east side of Australia is missing!

stitchstitchknit said...

Congratulations on that wonderful finish =) All your projects look so wonderful =)

Anne said...

Wow!! Beautiful finish Ewa!! I love the little birds and the owls! So adorable!! The parrot is REALLY amazing and a good choice on BF's part!! Amazing progress on all your WIP's! Are you stitching that freebie mandala 4 times?


Anne said...

Oops, scratch that last question...I just saw the FINISHED part! :D