Thursday, January 18, 2018

Legendary Creatures SAL - M & Medieval Shelf 10

Two milestones today! I finished January for the Legendary Creatures SAL - the letter "M" for Medusa:

Designer: Cloudsfactory
Pattern: 2018 Legendary Creatures Alphabet SAL
Fabric: Picture This Plus "Nocturne" in 32 count Belfast
Stitched: 2 over 2
Floss: DMC and Weeks Dye Works
Now I have to wait until February for the next part! I have no idea what the next letters are going to be or what they will stand for.

I was also home sick today, most of which I worked (of course) but I did manage to get a little bit of stitching time and finished up my ten hours on Medieval Shelf.



Designer: Heaven and Earth Designs
Pattern: "Medieval Shelf" by Randal Spangler
Fabric: 25 count Evenweave
Stitched: 1 over 1
Floss: DMC

I'm going to keep going with this until a page finish and then rotate to... something else! Whatever H³ chooses!
Besides that just working away here per the usual. I'm feeling much better now than I was this morning so probably a good thing I stayed home. I always feel guilty because I think I'm not "sick enough" to stay home but ultimately it's probably a good idea and nobody really wants you to come in when you're sick and get everyone else sick.

Either way, I'll come back and post again in 10 hours' time. Until then, happy stitching, everyone!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Two fantastic projects today! Love the Medusa and the little dragons are adorable.

Astrids dragon said...

They look great, but I really like Medusa.
Sorry you were sick, but it looked like it payed off! I actually have Medieval Shelf too, but still need to get the fabric. How do you like doing it on 25 over 1?