Saturday, February 10, 2018

Legendary Creatures SAL - February

I finished the Cloudsfactory Legendary Creatures SAL for February!

Designer: Cloudsfactory
Pattern: 2018 Legendary Creatures Alphabet SAL
Fabric: Picture This Plus "Nocturne" in 32 count Belfast
Stitched: 2 over 2
Floss: DMC and Weeks Dye Works

I for Ifrit and N for Nessie - loved every stitch and can't WAIT for March! It's nice because it's a little finish with every letter and they're pretty quick stitches.

I don't have much to report right now but I WILL have an update on Medieval Shelf soon!


Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh, all those little designs look so cute =) My favorite is still the Leprechaun with his cute little flower and the rainbow, but it is followed by that adorable Nessie =)

Linda said...

Looks great Ewa. Love the fabric.


Keebles said...

Those are turning out amazing, and that fabric is perfect! I have to admit though, I would go nuts getting those out of alphabetical order!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I Googled Ifrit and I have to say he is a lot less scary than the pictures that came up!

Love Nessie though.

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Beautiful Stitching - love the colors.

Happy Stitching
Linda K, Buttercup

The Crafty Princess said...

I had to google Ifrit too! And agree with Jo he is alot more scarier in real life. I love how the oranges and greens are just popping on your fabric. Looking forward to March.

xo Alicia