Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lots of Progress!

Well hello there, everyone! I'm going to be honest, this weekend was wonderful and my needle was smoking! I'm amazed that my fabric didn't spontaneously combust.

I was over at Boyfriend's most of the weekend, including for Halloween. We got some pumpkins and carved them:

Boyfriend carved the chicken and the biohazard symbol (on the warty pumpkin) and I carved the dragon. The warty pumpkin had a story to it. We thought it would carve like a normal pumpkin. HA! It was hard as a rock. Boyfriend broke two pumpkin carving tools on it. In the end, he picked up a drill. No kidding. A drill:

There is handsome Boyfriend getting manly on a pumpkin with power tools.

Now for stitching. I got a new camera. It's actually my Christmas present but my parents want it thoroughly tested to make sure it works fine in case it needs to be returned. So here goes.

First, the Chatelaine freebie.

Before (old camera):

After (new camera):

I love love love stitching this. I'm holding the beading off until the end but it is just a joy to stitch. I'm wondering if I could set it in clear acrylic to make a set of coasters for Boyfriend's parents for Christmas. I've never done this before and I don't know how the stitching would react. Anyone have any suggestions about this?

Next, Riding the Wave:

Before (old camera):

After (new camera):

I've started the last horse and am hoping to finish the whole thing by Christmas. Perhaps that's a bit ambitious, but we'll see. The background is mostly half stitching so it will probably go faster.

And now, College. I can't believe how much I managed to get done on College this weekend. it's amazing.

Before (old camera):

After (new camera):

You can start to see a chimney and two rooftops coming to shape. But look at all that confetti!!!

And, finally, my first foray into card-making. It's kind of a weird approach to Christmas, but I'm kind of proud of it:


So, I hope you like it!

This weekend Boyfriend and I decided to watch a scary movie for Halloween. The Exorcism of Emily Rose. Bad idea. I couldn't sleep at all that night and needed the light on. Then I was afraid to go to sleep the whole next day. I'm a scaredy-cat :(

Anyway, long post, but I hope you guys enjoyed it! Happy stitching!


Veronica said...

Just found your blog. Thanx for dropping by. I love that dragon you carved. I think it's the best looking one.

Your new camera take brighter pics. Your WiPs look great. Chatelaine freebie? Is that the pumpkin one? That's a pretty design.

College looks great. All those confetti stitching would have driven me mad by now. Keep up the wonderful work :)


CindyMae said...

The pumpkins are awesome! Love all your stitching progress, beautiful work!

Rachel said...

Your pumpkins look great!!! LOL at your boyfriend using his drill, hehe.

You have made great stitchy progress!! They all look amazing.

Wise choice in movies! One of my favorites. (I am a horror movie junkie though, lol) :)

Melissa said...

Your pumpkins turned out great. Your new camera seems to take brighter pictures-good job with all your stitching :)

Minnie said...

Loved the pumpkins and your stitching is beautiful.

TammyK said...

Awesome pumpkins! Love all of your wips too. Your needles were smoking.

Heli said...

The pumpkins look great! :D

Nice stitchy progress, looking forward to seeing more of The College. :)

An itch to cross stitch.. said...

Thanks for leaving me the tip of stitching on dark fabric Ewa, that is very helpful. And also thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is great!

Your progress on your horse piece is amazing, I have that kit tucked away as I made a big mistake on it and don't want to tackle it for awhile. I started it way too early after just starting up cross stitching and it was too big a challenge at that point. It's a gorgeous piece.

The pumpkins look cool by the way! wish we celebrated halloween here.

nikkin said...

Your pumpkins are cool! Nice job! I was always interested in card making too, I love your first one. Your progress on College is crazy, you stitch so fast!
I can't watch scary movies either...I have nightmares for weeks, so I guess I am a scary-cat too! lol


The Crafty Princess said...

Ewa what an awesome post. LOL! I loved every word and pic of it. And wow what a difference the new camera makes, it really shows up your work beautifully. Great prezzie mum and dad!

The pic of BF with a warty pumpkin and drill is pure Gold! I actually LOL! You guys are very talented pumpkin carvers they looked brilliant!

Your wips are amazing too, fantastic progress.

Joysze said...

Whoah... those are some awesome looking pumpkins, Ewa!!! Love them all but my fave is the dragon. :D

I like what your new camera is doing... definitely a keeper. ;)