Monday, November 14, 2011

An Unexpected Weekend

Here's something you guys don't know about me. I love my car. Seriously. My car is literally named, "My Baby." It's nothing fancy. Just a 2002 Toyota Corolla type S in silver. It's not exciting. It's not expensive. But it's mine. I put my heart and soul into that car. My parents bought it new back when I was in high school, but they didn't just give it to me. I had to earn it. I was 21 when I finally got it. And it was my baby.

I took care of everything that went wrong in that car. But, as all cars are, things went wrong. Engine developed a ping. Passenger side window wouldn't roll up once rolled down (I developed man muscles and put it up, permanently). It was mine, and I loved it so much.

That is my baby, as I drove away from it in my new car, sobbing. The truth of the matter is I needed a new car. Up until now my car only needed the regular maintenance things. But as of late, it started to vibrate pretty violently when driven. The engine roared when I accelerated. In my heart, I knew it was time. But I didn't like it and I didn't want to admit it. And then my parents made me.

So, without further ado, my new car:

It's a 2012 Toyota Yaris Hatchback. I really do like it. Boyfriend went with me, helped me pick it out, and actually sat there for two hours through the signing process. It's the same car we drove in Iceland except one model year newer and the color is a little darker. It's spunky. It's fun. And I'm happy with my purchase. But I will always remember My Baby.

Exhausted Ewa with Good Boyfriend, after an entire day of signing paperwork.

In other news, IHSW this weekend! Pop on over to Joyce's Blog and sign up, or click the adorable little hermit crab on the right.

Stitchy update to come Wednesday!


Kaisievic said...

Congratulations on your new car - I love Toyotas. I have a Prius (which I just adore) and DH has a Kluger which he loves more than me! Just joking.

Enjoy your Yaris,

hugs, Kaye xoxox

Kaisievic said...

P.S. Glad that you are feeling better, too.


sharine said...

Very cute little car! And don't you love all the paperwork that comes with it.

Pauline said...

Congratulations with your new car!
Sad story about the old car...i totally understand...haha ;),i had the same feelings about my sewingmachine, i had to bought a new one, but still loves my old Singer, i bought it of my first money!

Kate said...

LOVE the new car!

Maureen said...

oh shiny new car. It is sad though when you have to say goodbye to an old reliable friend..

Joysze said...

Congrats on your new car. It'll never be like your baby, cos that's your "firstborn" but I bet you'll love this just as much. :D

Anonymous said...

my first car was a frd Fiësta, I called it my Feestje, Dutch for Fiësta. Then, two days before my mothers 100th birthday, my carengine died on the road. Pff, big lorry stopped behind me just in time, Feestje and me both were nearly goners. So, instead of my blue car I now drive a silvergrey F F, but only the first one was my Feestje. Its now five years I have this one, still has not got a name, sometimes I call it Beestje, meaning lovely little animal. Are you going to name your new car Toddler? I love your stitching , I am doing a HAED called Twilight in the village. It is slowgoing because of sewing, knitting, crochet etc. I am doing as well. Mom is still alive and well, has been counted crossstitching until two years ago, started when she was 70, rheumatism finally got hold of her hands, she misses it.

Brittanie Holderness said...

What a sweet term of endearment to your car – my Baby! Do you literally treat it like your baby, as in, with utmost love and care? In terms of car care, it just simply demands that you have it brought in for regular maintenance, and by driving carefully so that it won’t get scratched or get caught in an accident. Keep your focus and always drive safely!

-Brittanie Holderness

Clint Moore said...

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Timmy Radloff said...

I can totally relate to that! Having a car for the first time is an awesome feeling. You instantly fall in love with it regardless of the model. And you take good care of it no matter what, but sadly, the time will come when it can no longer be good for use and that’s the saddest part. Although something better always come afterwards! Congratulations on your new car!

Timmy Radloff

Mickey said...

As the owner, you would really feel if your car is still in good shape. Sometimes, no matter how eager we are to keep it for a long time, it just really needs a break after being exposed for a prolonged period of time. Anyway, that hatchback looks great. I’m sure you will take good care of it, just like how you did with your previous one.

Mickey Doshi