Saturday, March 4, 2017

I'm Alive!

After I posted the last dragon picture, H³ asked me to finish crocheting his blanket, since it had been so cold in December. So I was crocheting away, busily, and my stitching fell by the wayside. Then, in January, we flew off to Iceland for a week. The weather was cold and snowy, the nights were long, and I felt so relaxed after. Lots of sleep was had. H³ also found some stitching stores in Reykjavik, and I ended up buying two patterns with chickens on them. Since then, I've been stitching away and just finished one!

We're calling her Henrietta! I have one more chicken, slightly different, so when that's done I'll post a photo. Henrietta is stitched on canvas with wool threads, something I'd never done before. She's cute, though, so once her companion is stitched I'll frame them both.

Next project will be going back to the dragon and finish my quarter page.

Besides that, life has just been work. Lots and lots of work. Always work. I should probably be working right now. But I'm not because I want a weekend. The good news about that much work is I discovered the power of audio books while I work. As long as the book isn't too complicated, I can listen while I work, so I've been blowing through books that would normally take me a year to get through. Almost through the whole Sookie Stackhouse series now!

The dog is good, Iceland was fantastic, I have missed stitching, and I am so glad to be back to it.


Linda said...

Congrats on the super cute finish Ewa. What an adorable design. You did a great job on the stitching. Glad to hear everything is okay. Did you get the blanket done?


Kaelyn Angelfoot said...

I loved my audiobooks while working but my boss recently banned headphones in the lab. *sigh* Your chicken is very cute, looking forward to seeing the second one.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You're alive! So good to hear from you. Love the cute chicken. Do they have them in Iceland? Looking forward to some more stitching posts from you, we've missed you.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Oh, I love that chicken, it looks awesome =) I am eager to see the second one =)
I have a crochet blanket I started like 2 years ago, I am trying to force myself to finish it for next winter, but I am not sure if that will happen :D

The Crafty Princess said...

Welcome back! Missed you in the blogging world. Audio books are the bomb you're lucky you can listen to them whilst at work that is quite a perk. Love Henrietta. Looks like a fun stitch. I never realised how amazing Iceland is until I saw your photos. No wonder you love it so much. Glad to hear that you are well rested and getting back to stitching.

Love to H3 and Xena.
xo Alicia

Heather said...

Great finish I'm glad you had a lovely vacation:)