Monday, April 3, 2017

Library Adventures - pages 22-24!

Another page bites the dust!



The partial pages go by real quick! And now H³ has picked the second Icelandic chicken to be stitched next, so that's coming up!

I had my review at work today and it went very well. Things were kind of up in the air about whether or not I was going to stay. It all depended on what happened at the review. But I talked to someone a few weeks ago about my concerns and things fell into place today so I'll be staying a while longer, despite the crushing amounts of work. At least I'm finally at the point where I feel my compensation matches what is expected of me and I feel pretty good about it. Finally. There will be no fancy dinners to celebrate, however, because we're saving up to buy a house. And if I have anything to say about it, we will buy one as soon as we fiscally can. Today made that all the more possible.

So, with that, I'm off to work more (at 9:30pm... sigh) and happy stitching everyone!


Linda said...

Congrats on the good review Ewa. Nice progress.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congrats on the page finish and the good review!
Going without and buying my own house is the best decision I ever made. I need the security of a roof over my head even if I live off toast for ever LOL.

The Crafty Princess said...

Yay for partial pages! Great progress stunner. I'm happy to hear that everything fell into place post review. How exciting that you guys are going to buy a house soon. Ooh it must be serious LOL!
Good luck with it all. Try and have some Ewa time too honey
xo Alicia

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

I'm glad to hear that your review at work went well =)
Library adventures look amazing, it must be amazing to finish pages so fast :D

Bekah said...

Beautiful work on the library! The dragon tails are super cute. Good luck with your house adventures and I am glad the job review went fairly well.