Saturday, November 24, 2018

Wizard's Implements - 002

I may not be blogging as much but I'm still stitching. I had a lot of obligation knitting and I still have some obligation stitching to do but the due date for the stitching is in March so I have a bit of time. Between that, work, and writing (I'm on fictionpress!) it's been extremely busy. Plus normal life stuff. I bought a new car. I have a new nephew. Work is insanely busy. Life goes on.

But I have 10 more hours stitched on the Wizard's Implements!



The spiral stitching method H³ has devised has made stitching all black more interesting and it's a good travel piece, too, because I just have to pack black instead of all the colors. Makes it easy.

Once my obligation stitching and knitting is done I hope to have more stitching updates. November and December are our busiest seasons at work, though, so it's usually a madhouse (case in point, yesterday was the day after Thanksgiving and I received 200 e-mails).

Happy stitching, everyone. I hope whatever holidays you celebrate are safe and free from stress and strife.


Linda said...

Nice progress Ewa. What an interesting way to stitch. Does hubby stitch with you yet?


Keebles said...

I feel your pain about the lack of blogging and stitching...I feel kind of guilty, but I'm hoping the holiday will help me being away from school. I just wish I could stitch as much as you do!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

oooo a black blob! Nice to see you stitching and blogging too.

Lady Stitch-a-Lot said...

Great progress, I am still in awe when I see you working on this amount of black and still keeping your spirits up, lol :D
I hope your new nephew is happy and healthy =)

Babs said...

Those 10 hours really make a difference :)