Monday, October 3, 2011

Gridding is my New Best Friend

I decided to grid up Middle Earth as soon as I got my gridding wire. It was such a good decision! If it's at all possible, I'm enjoying stitching even more now! I know that I'll be gridding up my other projects from now on. I'll be working on Riding the Wave this week. I want to finish those horses and get them done.

So this weekend I was stitching up Middle Earth, Boyfriend was reading Game of Thrones, and I was torturing him with Bridezillas. Poor soul managed to sit through two episodes before breaking down and refusing to watch more. I think that's not half bad.

Anyway, here goes. The start of Middle Earth:

We're getting our first rain of the season. I'm sitting in my bed, cozy, watching Paranormal State in oversized pajamas while the cold night air streams in through the window and I listen to the sound of the rain. I missed this.

Happy stitching, everyone!


sharine said...

Great start!

Lonneke said...

Wow, a lot done already. Good start.

We had an exceptional warm indian summer here, but now it looks like rain. Everyone here is a bit grumpy because of that, but all I can think is: yay, stitching time. (Off course, I can't say that out loud)
Are we crazy? ;)

mdgtjulie said...

That sounds fabulous, Ewa. I love being all toasty in the cold and listening to the rain come down. It's awesome.

Stitching Noni said...

Looks like a very good start on Middle Earth! Gridding the fabric should really help your progress. Have you watched the Game of Thrones series yet? I read the books many years ago and love the series. I'm now tempted to re-read the books!

Take care

Anonymous said...

Wow, you made a great start on Middle Earth. I got that chart, too, like many of us, but I didn't make a start on it yet. I have another planned start (kitting it up these days) and I just don't want to have so many projects going at once ;-)
But I guess it shouldn't be to long until I start. Maybe I'll get some threads for Christmas and make a start for my birthday in January ;-)

Cat said...

That sounds wonderful. Where did you get your stitching wire? I've been looking for that for ages, but no stores in Denmark seem to have it. :)

Joysze said...

Sounds like the perfect night! :D Great start on Middle Earth, that's a whole lot done already! I think in appreciation of you stitching this for him, BF should buy you a nice gift. ;)

Ewa said...

Can't wait to see your progress, Juel!

And Cat, I got the wire here:

It's REALLY easy to use, it just takes a bit to grid everything out. Good luck!