Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Quick Post

Hey everyone,

Just got back from the airport, have a pounding headache, and for the second day in a row I started WWIII in the office. Story to follow in a post soon, but it involves getting into a fight with an attorney, the "policies and procedures" speech, a pair of shoes and a bottle of vodka. It also ended up with me sobbing/hyperventilating in an attorney's office. FUN!

The main purpose of this post, however, is to encourage you all to check out Nikki's Stitching! Nikki just started her own stitching blog, so I wanted to give her a warm welcome and introduce her to all of you awesome wonderful people who have kept me sane and motivated all this time. :)

Visiting Boyfriend this weekend. Will try to blog again Sunday with the full WWIII story and perhaps a stitching update if I can manage one. Until then, happy stitching!


Heli said...

WWIII and a stitching update, that ought to be very interesting! Looking forward to your next post, feel better. :)

nikkin said...

Aww, sorry to hear you had a rough day! At the very least, I hope you got a share of the vodka bottle, or else I am sending you a virtual one! lol
Thanks for everything, your a sweetie!


Tama said...

I look forward to your update - I tried to post on the new blog of your friend but couldn't - could you ask her to set it to the new window option for comments? I've read where a lot of users can only comment that way, otherwise blogger says 'no permission'. Doesn't happen to everybody, but always happens to me.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon and I am looking forward to your next post =)
I checked out Nikki's blog, thanks for sharing =)

Joysze said...

*HUGS* I'm sorry you had to deal with that a**hole. Counting down with you till your last day there.