Sunday, October 9, 2011

WWIII Monster Post

After a lovely weekend with Boyfriend in San Francisco watching the Blue Angels, I'm now home and ready to share my WWIII story since I have time. I'll keep it condensed since I do have to go to bed in about 15 minutes, but here goes! If you want just the stitching update, scroll down to the bottom of this post. I won't get mad, promise.

Tuesday it was a pretty standard day of work. Big Boss wanted me to do the client billing, so I followed all the directions up until he told me that all the attorneys had already gotten their time in so I should just run it. Although this was not the procedure that I was told to follow by the girl I'm temping for, since it's the Big Boss, that's what I did. Well Giant Butthead saw that I'd run the billing and pulled a hissy fit. See, doing the billing is a long and complicated process, made even longer and more complicated by the fact that I have to run everything by Giant Butthead and wait for his email reply. I had sent the email the previous day, and a follow up email that morning, and received no response, so when Big Boss said, "run the billing," I ran the billing.

Giant Butthead got upset. Started giving me a speech about policies and procedures being in place for a reason and I have to follow them and Big Boss doesn't know how it's done so I have to ignore him. Now I've been putting up with Giant Butthead for two weeks now. I refer to him as something other than Giant Butthead in my mind, but I'm trying to keep this blog fairly nice so Giant Butthead will suffice as it gets my points across. I was fed up with putting up with Giant Butthead. So talking back commences. "I was just doing what Big Boss told me to do." "Big Boss doesn't know what's going on. The policies and procedures are in place for a reason." "I am a temp. I don't know who knows what, I do what I'm told and when Big Boss tells me to do something, I do it. If you have a problem with it talk to Big Boss." "Policies and procedures blablabla my head is up my butt." Ok, maybe he didn't say that part, but he was acting like it. It is a sad moment in my life when someone thinks I'm so stupid that I don't know what policies and procedures are. Yes, I know what they are. Yes, I know they're there for a reason. But I'm a temp, working for Big Boss, so when he tells me to do something I do it. The communication at this firm is so poor.

After this whole exchange Giant Butthead goes back into his cave (I call it that because he has all his blinds closed, no natural light coming in despite two HUGE windows, and his office is painted a deep scarlet red) and Awesome  Lady comes out, pulls me into her office and high fives me for standing up to Giant Butthead. Apparently they have had many, MANY people quit because of how he treats people. Interesting. Then Big Boss approaches me and asks why the bills aren't done. I tell him Giant Butthead wouldn't let me. Why? You'll have to ask him. Big Boss goes into Giant Butthead's office. The door is closed. Raised voices are heard. Awesome Lady pages me on the phone system to congratulate me further.

Anyway, the day kind of goes on and Nice Attorney comes up to me at 4pm and says he has a very important mission for me. Apparently one of the clients of the firm who has hundreds of millions of dollars in assets is in the hospital and they need to get her an appropriate and tasteful get well card to be FedEx-ed that day. I ask if I can have some of her assets. He says no, but there might be a bonus in it for me (hahaha). I desire a pair of shoes. He says he'll see what he can do.

Next day. Wednesday. A bunch of checks come in that I have no idea what to do with (they have to go into special accounts that I received no instruction about). I ask Giant Butthead because I have no choice. He tells me nothing. He leaves me to fend for myself. I ask him again and he again gives me no useful information. This has to be done TODAY. People are pressuring me and asking me when it will be done. Receptionist Lady keeps saying it has to be done. Giant Butthead gives vague instructions that tell me nothing. I ask Awesome Lady but she doesn't know. I'm freaking out, looking for deposit slips that I can't find. The instruction that was given to me literally states, and I quote, "oh, don't worry about that. I don't think you'll get any." Gee, thanks. Awesome Lady and Big Boss walk by and Awesome Lady asks if I found the deposit slips. I burst into tears. Big Boss pulls me into his office and I start hyperventilating, sobbing, and tell Big Boss that for two weeks I've been trying my best and for two weeks Giant Butthead has been treating me like a piece of human garbage and not offering me any help. I was very up front about the fact that I have no experience doing what they are asking me to do, and yet it seems that I am expected to do it. Yet when I asked for help, I'm answered with, "Wellaydunno." Well I don't know, either. And if he doesn't know (which he does) and I don't know, how am I supposed to do it?

Big Boss is displeased with Giant Butthead. Big Boss also pulls me off financial stuff I can't handle. If I don't know how to do something, I'm to go to him. VICTORY! Big Boss exchanges words with Giant Butthead. Suddenly, everything gets solved and there's no more "Wellaydunno"s. It took Giant Butthead all of TWO MINUTES to do what he was making my life miserable over for an hour. Nice Attorney comes up to me. "Whatever it is [Nice Attorney] the answer is no." I was swamped and stressed out and couldn't handle another task.

Later, Nice Attorney asks, via email, if he can offer any assistance or if I needed anything. I answer vodka. He asks what size. I answer Industrial. He says he'd see what he could do. Next day he shows up with a 750mL bottle of vodka and Bloody Mary mix. Friday after we had Bloody Marys at work. Then I got to drive down and visit Boyfriend and have a wonderful weekend with him. Never did get the shoes, though.

So that's my  WWIII story. Giant Butthead and I are not friends. BUT I HAVE 3 MORE DAYS LEFT!!!!! October 12th is my last day. They asked me to stay longer but I said no. I just can't handle it for longer. 

So now, the stitchy update. I've been focusing on Riding the Wave when I'm at home, and College of Magical Knowledge when I'm at Boyfriend's. I'm pretty pleased with both, though I was only at Boyfriend's for two days and we did stuff both days so not much stitching. Saturday we watched the Blue Angels in San Francisco and Sunday we got all dressed up and had fancy Brunch at a really nice place. So, without further ado, here is my progress on both.

Riding the Wave before:

Riding the Wave after:

College of Magical Knowledge before:

College of Magical Knowledge after:

Boyfriend and I have a fun thing with HAEDs now that I'm gridding where he chooses the symbol for me to stitch. So I stitch all of that symbol, and he chooses the next one until the whole page is done. I kind of love it and so does he. He gets so excited to choose the next symbol.

Also, I got some questions about what I use to grid. I use Easy Count Guideline (available at and I really like it. It's kind of like fishing line except really easy to see (as you can see above) and it pulls right out without leaving marks. 

Anyway, it's 12 minutes past my bedtime. Welcome to all my new followers and thanks to everyone who comments! I try to respond to everyone via email, and those who don't have email listed, I respond to within the comments section, so if you think I'm ignoring you, I'm sorry! I do try to respond to everyone!

Bring it on, Giant Butthead. Three days left. Happy stitching!


Bec said...

Oh dear! Your WWIII sounds similar to my experience at a lawyers office! I can feel your pain. *sending you hugs!!*

I hope the last 3 days goes quick for you and good luck :)

Loving your progress! :)
haha! I get my Boyfriend to pick colours out for me too, otherwise I spend too much time staring at the pattern, plotting my route.

Anonymous said...

What a trial, glad it will be over soon.

Great progress, the horses are just gorgeous. What a great way to get your boyfriend involved. My DH is colourblind, but the idea of picking out symbols would be a great way to get him involved.

Cat said...

Glad your WWIII worked out in the end. Hope Giant Butthead does not hate you after what happened - I know from experience Giant Butthead co-workers are the worst of people.

It's a fun thing involving the bf in cross-stitching. My hubby has done the exact same thing as your bf with picking out the colours/symbols. I kinda like it :-)

Hugs and thoughts from Cat.

Joysze said...

Hey you!!! It's the 12th.... FREEEEEDOM!!! Did you flip GB off as you walked out? ;)

I'm so sorry for the horrible 2 weeks you've had... yeeeeesh!

WIPs look great!! :D

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to this, but I just didn't want to read your WWIII post in a rush

I think what you did was completely right. You can't just accept when people treat you badly because you will suffer from it and so you have to stand up and face the people who treat you like this. Congratulations on being so good at it!
I also think that it is a good choice not to stay longer, I think you would suffer from it. The most important thing in your life is that you are healthy and I guess that job wasn't good for your health. I am sure you will find something else that suits you more =)

Great stitching by the way =)