Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Boyfriend Stitches!

That's right! Boyfriend stitches! I was sitting on the couch, stitching away on College, when I got up to go to the bathroom. I came back to Boyfriend's glowing face, obviously very proud. And then he said, "I stitched!" He had put a stitch in while I had gone. So we sat down together and he decided he wanted to stitch a whole symbol himself. So he did! And now my Boyfriend stitches. We're looking for a small project for him to have of his very own (partly so he has one of his own, and partly so he stops commandeering my projects). I'm thinking something that comes kitted would be best. All the threads are there, clear chart, symbols, fabric, everything. He wants a little ornament to hang from his rear-view mirror (I have a small rubber ducky stitched ornament hanging from mine). So we're looking at little doggie or dinosaur ornaments. He's super excited and truth be told, so am I.

I'm still at Boyfriend's, but I'm all stitched out and leaving tomorrow, so I figured I'd just post this tonight. A fair decent amount of progress and I might even be able to have a page finish next time I'm here!



Except for that small corner to the lower left, it's all sky. Which is both great and annoying. Great, of course, because it stitches up faster. Annoying because I'm stuck in a seemingly endless sea of blue. BUT - the next page is only about 12 or so stitches across and I'll be done with the first row (of four). Then on to the exciting bits!

I've been reading through blogs but blogger has decided to be fickle and not let me comment on all of them. So if I haven't commented on yours then know that I wanted to!

On one blog I recently read about a rotation schedule that, although I secretly scoffed at at first, I find rather intriguing the more I think about it. I can't recall for the life of me where I read about this rotation - so if it was on your blog - please tell me so I can give credit where credit is due! The rotation schedule is a 10-hour based rotation. You work on one project for 10 hours, then move on to the next for another 10 hours. At the end of every cycle, you add one of your existing WIPs or UFOs. You keep doing this rotation until one of your projects is complete, then you replace that project with another one. In the end you work on every one of your WIPs an equal amount, without the guilty feeling that you're neglecting one, and eventually all your WIPs get finished.

After a lot of consideration and thought, I realize that this is rather ingenious. My previous rotation was based on, honestly, days of the week, the lunar cycle, whether or not there was currently a drought somewhere in the world, etc. Honestly, nothing. And nothing is getting done! Perhaps implementing a structured program would help. Or it could just drive me crazy. Either way, it doesn't hurt to try it, so why not? The only catch is College will remain a Boyfriend's house project. And since Medieval Shelf is also a parental gift, it will have to go on hold until College is finished (or I move out). Other than that, though, I'm going to try this and report on my progress. It might speak for itself. Or, like I said, it might drive me crazy.

Now, on the subject of Valentine's Day, we didn't do anything. I really dislike Valentine's Day. A lot. And you can't say, "well that's because you're single" because I'm not. In high school Valentine's Day was always a nightmare and that kind of stuck. Other crappy stuff happened afterwards, which I just don't want to get into, and the end result is I just don't like making a fuss. Boyfriend shows me he loves me everyday and that's more than enough for me. So we went out for Indian buffet at lunch and he didn't go to his volleyball game tonight to stay and hang out with me. Quite a perfect day, if you ask me.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week! Hello to all my new followers. Hopefully I'll keep you all entertained. I have a pseudo job now. Very pseudo and not much job, but I'm happy so that's all I'll say about it. As such I'm brimming with ideas for a giveaway possibility so as soon as things are more definite on that front - I'll let you know. Until then, happy stitching everyone - whoever is still reading this monster post, anyway. :)


Cat said...

I wish I could get my boyfriend to stitch too ;) That would be super-awesome. He always shows his interest whenever I'm cross-stitching, he likes to follow my progress, and like your boyrfriend, pick the colours andso on. But I don't think I'll ever get him to stitch.

Congrats on the job!! I hope it all works out for the best for you :)

Oh, and nice progress by the way! You're a fast stitcher.

Pauline said...

Hahaha, good work boyfriend!
Love to read this story.
My boyfriend shall not stitching, no way!
He is a MAN.
He loves to put radio's together.

cucki said...

wowww such lovely work..
such a lovely post..
keep well and have a lovely day xx

Heli said...

Aawww, what a lovely boyfriend you have! My boyfriend likes the end result but says he'd never spend so much time and energy creating it. He just doesn't get how nice and calming and addictive stitching is!

That kind of a rotation would not work for me, I'm much too goal oriented for that. I need to finish a page (HAEDs), stitch a certain number of animals (baby sampler) or attain some other goal in the project I am currently working on before switching to something else. Otherwise it doesn't really feel like I'm getting anything done. Let us know how it turns out for you!

That's a lot of progress on College! It's a nice feeling when the end of a row draws near, isn't it?

Valentina said...

I'd love to get my boyfriend to stitch too, but I'm pretty sure this won't happen! He tried to crochet once but he told me it was too difficult!

Anne said...

Your BF is so cute! I love how he snuck in a stitch whilst you were outta the room!! My hubby won't even try, because he hates pokey things (fear of it going into his eye) and the needles are pokey, so there you go. Lots of great progress on College!! Rotation schedules I guess would work if you have a number of BAP's. I tend to just have 1 BAP going (although I have two now) and work on smalls when I want a break from the BAP. But that's just me. As for the commenting...there's some blogs I have to go onto Google Chrome in order to comment. Plus since I have been using google reader, I haven't had any problems with imbedded comments. Try both methods out, it might work!!

XXXStitching (Emma) said...

Lol on your bf stitching but yeah get him his own projects quick - I'd hate anyone stitching mine!! We don't bother with Valentine's day either just seems a waste of money on tat that doesn't really mean that much. Did get a sitter and go and see Star Wars in 3d this morn though way better than roses lol!! Hope th rotation goes well I'll look forward to hearing how it works out I'm lost under all these crazy Jan starts I have lol

sharine said...

College is looking great and go you for getting your boyfriend to stitch!

nikkin said...

College is coming along great, and the blues do look fantastic, lol! I am happy for you that BF decided to take up the needle, I think it is nice you will have something else to share together.
On the rotation debate, I can't offer much advice...I try to keep myself to my most urgent projects, which are on my WIPocalypse list, then just work on whichever screams the loudest. No harm in trying something new for yourself and see how it goes. It may motivate you more to see how much progress you can make in 10 hours, or whatever time you set.
Don't get discouraged over finishes though, you have such wonderful (but large) projects, that the finish will be worth it!


Mangogirl said...

wow :D that would be awesome stitching with my Fiance :D

I know what you mean about valentines day it is a bit of a contrived holiday.

Dana said...

Don't think my hubby would try stitching. I ordered something stitchy the other day and the paypal is in his name and he was horrified when the stitchy stuff came delivered and it said Thanks Robert for your order. Haha!

Good luck with the rotation system. I don't think I could do that. I just work on whatever I feel like at the moment. I am so anal and structured in other parts of my life, my stitching has to be free and unstructured!

Joysze said...

Oh good going on bf stitching!!! You HAVE to post a pic of his ornie. ;)

I couldn't rotate that way. I get too into a piece to have to work on a schedule. Come to think of it, I don't do well rotating at all... LOL!!

Yeah, we don't do the Valentine's thing either.

College is coming along beautifully. :D