Tuesday, February 21, 2012

IHSW fail, TUSAL, and a baby rant

I'll just go in order of post title.

IHSW was a bit of a bust for me this month. I was really excited and eager to stitch, especially since I implemented that new rotation schedule (more on that later). So Saturday evening I sat down to stitch and my right hand started to hurt. Really really hurt. To the point where I just couldn't stitch anymore. I was also a little wary to stitch Sunday because my hand still hurt so basically, not much stitching happened. I finished my first rotation on Middle Earth and started on Greek Mandala but didn't get enough done on Greek to show anything, but I'll show Middle Earth!



I have FINALLY figured out why Middle Earth is so hard to stitch. In projects like College and Medieval Shelf, etc., you have areas of color. If you're working on trees, it will be mostly tree colors. If you're working on buildings or rooftops, etc., there's a set of colors you're working in so despite the fact that there are 90 colors in a project, you're only working within a set palette at any given time. Middle Earth is different, because practically all the colors are on each page. Just means that it's a little slower - but looks awesome!

I'm enjoying the rotation so far. Everything is getting a little bit of love and despite it being SUPER difficult to put down a project after only 10 hours, I feel really good about picking up another one that had been neglected for a while and giving it some love, knowing full well that I'll get back to what I really want to be stitching soon.


Lots of blues from College, browns from Middle Earth and sparklies from Greek - guarded by my dragon incense burner (the smoke comes out of the different dragon mouths!).

Baby Rant

Not a small rant but a rant about babies (and I'll keep it short). Boyfriend and I went to the movies on Sunday. We decided to catch the matinee because tickets are cheaper and we didn't think the movie would be all that good so we didn't want to pay full price. Everything was fine until halfway through the movie someone's baby started crying.

Here's what my problem was. The movie was not a kid's movie. Small children should not have been there. Second of all, if you HAVE to bring your kid to a movie, and the kid starts crying - leave the theater. Don't sit there because you absolutely can't miss the movie while your baby is crying, ruining the movie for everyone. I call it a "baby rant" but honestly, it wasn't the fault of the baby. It was the parent.

The movie was pretty bad. Crying baby just made it worse.

I'm really behind on blogs right now. Slowly working my way through them. Also, I went the way of Joyce from Random Ramblings and disabled the word verification on my comments because they were super annoying and difficult to read. I might enable comment approval if spam becomes a problem but until then - enjoy!

Thanks for looking and happy stitching, everyone!


lesli said...

I'm with you on the baby rant. As a mother, I have never understood why people bring their small children/infants to the movies. If it's a children's movie, that's another story (still, why bring an infant!?)
I hope your right hand is feeling better!

sharine said...

Middle Earth is looking great. I totally agree about babies/small children at the movies. Where I live the local cinema have a mum and bubs session so you can still see the latest movies and not worry about your kids interrupting someone else.

Yvon (jioya) said...

I totally agree, you don't bring a baby to a movie.
I think that the parents should rent a DVD or have a sitter at home is they wish to see the movie.

Middle Earth is looking great.

I hope your hand is better now?

Hugs Yvon.

cucki said...

aww middle earth is looking so lovely...
lovely orts..
hugs xx

Julie said...

Thats a lot of filling in you have done.
The Dragons are cool.

Pauline said...

mm, it sounds that middle earth is a very difficult work to do!
Great progress and i hope your hand is feeling better!

demeter83 said...

Your progress was lovely, for all you didn't have much time the progress is gorgeous, you can really see the difference.
Hope your hand is starting to feel better.
I know what you mean about the baby rant, I have those occasionally as well, and they're always aimed at the parents!
How do you turn verification off? I couldn't figure it out?

♥ Nia said...

Your project is looking great! :)

TammyK said...

You accomplished a lot on Middle Earth - congrats :-) Hope your hand is better now.

Joysze said...

Aww honey... how is your hand??? Is it better??? Don't use it too much if it still hurt, you hear me?!!! ;) Ok, I'll stop being bossy now, LOL!!!

I hear ya about the parents. We hardly go to movies just for that reason... kids are crying and making noises while things are blowing up on screen and ppl are getting killed. Like seriously?? Where is the responsibility in that???

The SPAM catcher has been really good for me so far... so fingers crossed. You may NOT cross yours if your hand is still hurting. ;)

College looks AWESOME! :D

Heli said...

Great progress on Middle Earth in spite of the painful hand! I hope it's feeling better by now. It's also great to hear that the new rotation is working for you! I'm sticking to my system of switching HAEDs after completing a page and working on a Châtelaine during IHSWs, that's more my style. Now if I could just get that baby sampler done so I could focus solely on HAEDs and the Châtelaine!

XXXStitching (Emma) said...

OOO middle earth is coming along nicely can see it taking shape.

Yeah I seriously was amazed one day when I had the baby with me whEn buying tickets and said oh dont worry he's not coming in and got told it would have been ok. I didn't even think you would be able to take them till they could sit through. I wouldn't even want my own baby interrupting the movie at the cinema let alone someone elses lol

Anonymous said...

Your stitching is looking good. Like the ort jar.

Ziggyeor said...

Love the progress, I hope your pain goes away. Sorry about the baby. I don't understand it either.

Mangogirl said...

I understand about your baby frustration! It seems so stupid to take a baby to a theatre. Gorgeous stitching :D